This is a list of things that I wish to achieve, before my time is up. I already had a ‘bucket list’ and have managed to get a few things crossed off. So I will add them to the list but the majority of things I will put on my list, are things that I have never done/attempted. I know it may take a lonnggg time to complete, but I will cross off everything.
1.      Learn to knit (ready for my grandchildren)
2.      Get engaged
3.      Listen to a mariachi band in Mexico.
4.      Fly first class.
5.      Share a kiss in Paris, under the Eiffel tower.
6.      Sing karaoke in public.
7.      Go snorkelling
8.      Throw a surprise party for someone I love.
9.      Get married.
10.  See the northern lights.
11.  Travel to Rome, Italy.
12.  Ride a vespa in Paris
13.  Have flowers delivered.
14.  Watch the sun set and rise, on the beach.
15.  Have a picnic in the park.
16.  Go Camping.
17.  Eat pizza & pasta in Italy.
18.  Send a message in a bottle.
19.  Attend a high school reunion.
20.  Watch a drive-in movie
21.  Visit NYC
22.  Move into my first house.
23.  Go to a bonfire on the beach.
24.  Swim with dolphins.
25.  Give Blood.
26.  See the Great Wall of China.
27.  Save up and buy a puppy.
28.  Go to the red light district in Amsterdam.
29.  Have a baby.
30.  Run a marathon for charity.
31.  Build a snowman.
32.  Meet an Idol.
33.  Cook something from scratch.
34.  Plant a tree.
35.  Have my future told by a fortune teller.
36.  Visit Disneyland. Florida.
37.  Shop in a mall, in America.
38.  Travel in a gondola.
39.  Own a small business.
40.  See the Taj.Mahal in India
41. Throw a coin into the trevi fountain.
42. Speak to someone in Italian.
43. Eat Sushi.
44. Eat world famous Gelato

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