tips to be more organised as a parent


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I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve got my shit together as a parent, because I really don’t. I regularly am left with an empty pack of baby wipes & a toddler with a shitty ass, blog deadlines not being met & the house looking like a toy bomb as gone off. However since finding out that baby number two is en route, I made a promise to myself that I would try. 6 months in & I have to say, so far so good. I thought I would share my 7 easy tips to be more organised as a parent.



tips to be more organised as a parent


I was very kindly sent this 2019-2020 month-to-view family home planner calendar from Box Clever Press and it has made such a huge difference to our family life already. There are six columns for each month & it is spread over two pages so there is plenty of space to write your whole families plans! It has been great for keeping track of midwife/hospital appointments, nursery holidays/term-times & any days out we have planned. The helpful reminder stickers that are included are also a lovely little addition that immediately draw your eye to any important or special days.

Having the calendar up in the kitchen is also helpful for Aaron as he can see it slap bang in front of him rather than me having to text him/constantly remind him of things we have coming up. It’s right next to the kettle so the boy has no excuse.


Now this is something I have dipped in and out of since we first moved in together six years ago but could never seem to stick to it. However over the past few months we have been SO much better at sticking to our meal plan & cutting back on our food waste. I don’t necessarily stick to set meals on set days, because it all depends what we are in the mood for but we have the meals we decided on, within the set amount of days, usually we run Sunday to Sunday.


Another incredible addition from Box Clever Press is there 2019-2020 Family Life Book Diary! I have been looking for the perfect planner for a long time & this really does tick all the boxes. The 16 month planner has a week-to-view layout with 7 columns so you can fit even the busiest of schedules in it. The best thing about this diary is the fact it has a section for meal planning, budgeting & even writing your shopping lists! I keep this out on my bedside table for easy access and any last minute brain dumps. I write all our appointments into it & even my blog post schedule!

This is probably number one of all my tips to be more organised as a parent!


I feel like we have a pretty good routine already and i’m thinking that may be the key to a slightly easier transition once Baby C #2 is here. Especially now Teddy is at pre-school we have found having our routine is working really well and always has done! Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten slightly easier as Teddy has gotten older as we don’t feel like we have to rush home from somewhere to make sure Teddy has his nap at his set time for example. But we have a nice little routine of playgroups on certain days, Sunday is the one day we are all together for the full day so we tend to get out the house for a nice family walk ect. 


This is something I never really bothered with until we had Teddy! I first started batch cooking meals for him once I went back to work after maternity leave and now I focus on making them for both me & Teddy! I tend to make bigger portions at tea time to use as leftovers for lunch that will last me a couple of days. Being able to grab a quick, homemade lunch has made such a massive difference. When Teddy was tiny I used to struggle to find the time to eat whilst Aaron was at work let alone make filling lunches from scratch so this is something that has happened gradually over time but it’s been great! 


Something else that we have only started doing since having Teddy is doing our food shopping online, because, i’m not being funny..but FUCK taking a toddler to do a big food shop. No chance. I’d rather just, not eat. We do our shopping with Asda, opting for their click & collect service. It means we can just drive up, scan our online receipt & somebody brings your order to your car. Super easy. We’ve saved SO much time & money doing it like this. I can monitor what i’m spending, find the best offers & also have a nosey at their recipe section for inspiration.


Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t superhuman. You can’t physically/mentally do everything. Cut yourself some slack. You’re doing amazing regardless of whether or not your washing basket is overflowing & you have three weeks worth of clean washing to put away… please tell me that isn’t just me..?

and there you have it! My tips to be more organised as a parent ! Well…try. Like I said, I spend most days in a flurry of unorganised chaos but you know… baby steps. One day at a time. 

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