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LIFE UPDATE; Second Pregnancy, Pre School & Blog Hack.

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Well.. it has been a hot minute since I last posted on here & a LOT has changed. I thought rather than writing various separate blog posts all about what has been happening in my life, I would give a quick little general round up and then you know what has been going on and where I am currently at! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know about one HUGE change that is currently…baking..


You read that right, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with Baby C #2 and I couldn’t be more excited/nervous! We only announced at 20 weeks so it feels like this pregnancy has flown by. Only a very, VERY select few people knew in our real life and it did get hard to hide towards the half way point but i’m so glad it was our little secret for a while. I have quite a few blog posts planned all about this second pregnancy and I can’t wait to share more with you. After all, we have a whole 20 weeks to catch up on! I am due in February 2020 which sounds scarily close…


I can’t believe my gorgeous boy has started pre-school! He has been there for a few weeks now & is in his absolute element. He goes two mornings a week & I feel like he started at the perfect time. I wanted to make sure he was settled before the baby comes so he didn’t feel like he was being shipped off BECAUSE of the baby and I also wanted him to have a sense of the environment before he goes to proper school nursery next September. I think it will be a nice break from the baby when they do arrive, it’s something that will be his thing & his own space. I am planning a whole blog post all about what we looked for when it came to a childcare environment plus the questions we asked when visiting.


Last month my blog got hacked and I mean, not just the odd pop up, I mean good & proper hacked. All my links were diverted to pharmaceutical drugs & porn which when you run a parenting website, it aint really ideal! It has taken weeks to be sorted and put somewhat back to normal but thankfully due to my AMAZING tech friend Alex, it is once again a clean blog with no funny business going on. All I am going to suggest is that you really get on top of your updates and any security your blog has to stop this from happening to you!

I could ramble on for so much longer but I kinda wanted my first post back to be a quick “here is what’s been happening” and then I can start posting proper blog posts again. I hope you like what I have planned…

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  • Claire

    Eeek! Congratulations again my love! I’m so happy and excited for you and can’t wait to read your journey too! And I’m glad little man is loving nursery though, I think it’s really great for them personally but everyone has their own reasons and why they like/dislike things. It’ll be so good to have some time with the baby while he’s there in a morning too, just a bit of rest or soemthing haha! Xx

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