In the same way that some fashion trends stick around, some ideas that should be dropped after a season, or even before, hang around too. You don’t want to get trapped in that bad thinking, so here are some fashion no-nos that you should leave to be forgotten on the remainder rack.

1. You Hate Shopping, So You Wear The Same Old Clothes From Your Closet

Sometimes shopping can be stressful, and you don’t really enjoy it the way you used to. You have some items in your closet that have worked in the past, so why wouldn’t they still work? Well, it is true that fashion cycles through every so often, but that doesn’t mean that your clothes don’t have a used by date.
Find a way to make shopping fun for yourself again. Something new no matter how small is a move in the right direction.

2. Mixed Prints Aren’t Too Busy

It is true that this can be a tricky one to pull off, and one where people can crash and burn. But it doesn’t need to be that way.
If you want to pull it off you can start off treating animal prints like neutrals, and then let loose with that pattern mixing.
It is actually considered to be very elevated, and once you get used to it, you can mix up anything.

3. You Can Wear More One Bold Color At A Time

If you are scared of mixing up bold colors, you no longer need to be.
Color-blocking has totally taken off and it is considered a totally modern look. If you have the confidence you can totally pull it off.
Why not be bright and beautiful and fashion-forward? Sure, they are bold colors, but you are going to feel bold when you add them to your wardrobe. Better than all those neutrals.

4. Mixing Gold And Silver Isn’t A Mistake

Whether it is jewelry or clothes, there is a notion that you cannot mix gold and silver.
You can cancel this idea and go to town. There are some great fashion trends that combine these great colors, and you are sure to find something when using the easy ordering at
You can check out many great examples of how these colors look great together, and how stylish and classy you can be.

5. Never Wearing Red To A Wedding

This is an interesting one that seems to hang around, but classy dresses in red are a perfectly acceptable thing for you to wear to a wedding.
One supposes that this had something to do with the notion of a scarlet woman or some such, but no one is thinking with that in regards to the color anymore; more the type of dress. You aren’t likely to be wearing that kind of dress to the wedding in any color.

6. You Buy One Season Wonders

Some clothes you can look at and you can see that they aren’t really going to survive much beyond the point where they are trending, so you end up with a bunch of clothes that you can’t wear anymore. Balance it with some classics and you are going to have a wardrobe with a longer lifespan. This way you can get by without looking like you are stuck in last season.

7. You Don’t Buy Classics Because You Think They Cost A Lot Of Money

By classics we mean the look, rather than pieces that are necessarily literal vintages. Having a nice balance of trending looks and things which are going to stand the test of time is the best way to construct your wardrobe.

This is not the case anymore though. A lot of fast fashion stores are actually stocking looks that transcend the seasonal looks that you would expect to find on the rack when you go shopping at a certain time.

8. Loose Styles Don’t Necessarily Flatter Plus Size Women

You can get some very nicely tailored clothes that look really good on plus size women.
It is often the way that the clothes divide up the lines of the body and where they draw the eye. Loose clothes can be used to achieve this effect, but in and of themselves, they do not necessarily flatter plus size women.
You have to understand how the body proportions break up, and work with that, rather than running with this old assumption.

9. You Think Jeans Should Be Washed As Much As Your Other Clothes

Denim takes six months to break in and you shouldn’t be washing them until after that point. This doesn’t apply to jeans that are pre-washed, because they don’t need to be treated the same way.
Either way, you are only really supposed to wash them when they get stained or saggy, more than that and you are doing too much.

10. You Never Get Your Clothes Tailored

Getting something off the rack and expecting it to fit you perfectly is totally ignoring the fact that you, like everyone else, are built differently.
There can be an idea that tailoring is ridiculously expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case.
You are going to get much more out of your clothes if they fit you right. Your shape can be totally portrayed in an unflattering way if your clothing creates a bad silhouette, and ill-fitting clothes can create a really bad impression.

11. Sexy Doesn’t Mean Showing Tons of Skin

Less is more sometimes. There are some very classy outfits out there that do not require you to show tons of skin in order for you to look sexy. Some of our favorite style icons pull this balance off perfectly.
Classy can be sexy, as can mysterious. Too much skin can work, but it can have the opposite effect of what you are looking to do. If you aren’t sure about it, then maybe it isn’t working.

12. Hoarding Certain Items Instead Of Buying One Good One

Everyone has what they think of their style, and they will go out and buy and buy and buy the same kind of top. This is great, having staples in your closet, and it is something that everyone does, but it can be too much.
Having one good version of that top you look good in, and not buying the same thing every time frees you up to experiment.


Sometimes you know that the things you are doing aren’t really working, and you don’t feel bold enough to try something new. The thing is – that change you have been putting off may be the very thing to give you the confidence you need to revitalize your fashion.

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