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Tomorrow marks 2 weeks until my 27th birthday *sob*! I still can’t believe I am in my LATE twenties, it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I turned 21 & now i’m not too far off thirty. If you had asked me a few years ago what I wanted for my birthday I would have been able to rhyme off so many things, however as I am getting older & I have Teddy, I really struggle to think of what I would like. With that being said, I have been giving it a little bit of thought and have managed to come up with a couple of ideas of things i’d like to receive for my birthday.



When you become a parent, it is no secret that self care becomes a thing of the past. The same goes for treating yo’self on a regular basis in general. Any spare money we have goes on Teddy (kids are hell-a expensive!! Nappies, new clothes, toys, days out ect) so there’s always a underlying guilt that comes with buying yourself something. My hairdryer actually started smoking a few years ago & hasn’t worked since…. I have been using a travel hairdryer for the past two years & when your hair is as curly and thick as mine.. it takes about three days to fully dry my hair. So I would LOVE a new hairdryer and a new pair of straighters wouldn’t go a-miss either! There are some great offers on Latest Deals, so you bet your ass I have sent the link to Aaron.


I pretty much live in my white low-top converse, they go with absolutely everything & I very rarely wear anything else. I have been after some black high-top converse for a while now but the thought of spending £50+ on a pair of shoes for myself comes with a load of guilt, so figured my birthday was the perfect opportunity to finally get some.


I have recently joined a gym, I know I know, get me! The girl who despises exercise has joined a gym and I am actually really enjoying it! I have been managing to go to 3 gym classes a week & then spend time in the actual gym afterwards, mainly doing cardio (treadmill, bike, crosstrainer ect) & I am desperately wanting some wireless headphones. I do have my iphone headphones but the wire just gets in the way. I’m not bothered about having a ridiculously expensive pair as I will just be using them for the gym & walking to work.


This should come as no surprise that I have books on my wishlist. I have asked my Dad for the entire Game Of Thrones book boxset, as I only have the first & second on kindle, but i would really like them all in physical form. I have also asked for quite a few graphic novels – The Princess & The Dressmaker being one of them!

and there you have it! My 27th Birthday wishlist! I’d love to know what is on your birthday list this year?

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