A specialist removal company is the best idea no matter where you are moving your piano, but there are certain times when they are not just a good idea, but are instead essential.

Knowing why you need removal specialists like could save your piano from unnecessary wear and tear, not to mention potential damage.

When you had your piano delivered the chances are this was done by specialist movers, probably arranged by the store where you purchased your piano. The delivery crew would have expertly got the piano from the vehicle to your desired place with seemingly little or no effort or problems.

Given this, you could be forgiven for thinking that the removal of a piano was easy. However, it is not, and the more complex the move, the more important it is to hire specialist movers who are experienced with grand, upright and concert pianos.

When people see pianos for sale, they rarely think of the consequences of moving, particularly if they are downsizing or moving from a country house to a city apartment. But it is elements such as small corridors and hallways, stairwells and twists and turns that make moving a piano more difficult. These elements require careful planning and measuring, and when you hire specialists in removals, they will come to the property beforehand to do just that.

Nothing will be left to chance, and all the right removal equipment will be on hand to support the team during each stage of the specialist move.

Cost Of Piano Removal For A Grand Piano

The cost of removal for your grand piano will depend on how you decide to move it. You have three options to consider; find specialist piano removals, let a general house removal service do the move, or attempt the move yourself. The one that looks the cheapest option is actually the one that will cost more in the long term.

You may think that moving your piano yourself is going to be the cheapest option, but before you even start to move you will need to buy or hire all the equipment you need. This will include a padded piano cover, like those at, foam sheeting, coverings for the legs and feet, a piano jack and moving wheels, a ramp, and a van with an extra-large tail lift. That is just for a ground floor move, the list is longer if there are stairs involved. Suddenly moving the piano yourself stops looking cheap.

So, what about your general house movers? If they don’t have experience of moving pianos, they will need to purchase or hire the same list, and this is likely to be added to your bill. And, if they don’t have the experience or expertise needed to move your piano, there is a high chance of your piano being damaged, or of an accident that hurts one of the movers. In even eventuality, if it is not covered by either your insurance or the mover’s insurance, you could end up with a big bill. So that leaves you with the specialist companies that have this experience already, the cost may be upfront, but you will not have any nasty surprises, and you are more likely to get your piano to arrive in one, undamaged piece.

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