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Often, spare bedrooms become a room where things are stored. The bed starts to get piled up with stuff, and boxes take over the floor. Then you get a call to say guests are coming to stay for a few days and panic sets in because of the state of the bedroom they will be sleeping in. It could well be that your spare bedroom is not very large anyway, and now you need to quickly and cheaply turn it into something where your guests will be comfortable.

Clear It Out

The first step has to be to remove everything from the room except the bed and any other furniture that belongs in there. This will make it much simpler to clean, as you do not want your guests to feel they are sleeping in a dirty room. Don’t forget to clean the windows so they can look out at the views.

The next problem is where to put everything you have removed. If the room has somewhere to store things out of sight that is a great solution. If not, you may want to consider some handy storage solutions for small bedrooms, such as baskets that will slide under the bed. Long term, a bed with drawers could be the answer but for now, you are just trying to get it ready for your guests.

If there is anything that could be stored somewhere else, or disposed of, do that now so that you have not got items from the room sitting around the rest of the house.

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Now The Bed

The bed needs to be comfortable and to have fresh linen on it.  Before you do that though, make sure that the mattress is not damp and that it and the pillows are well aired. Open the windows for a while to get rid of any musty smells, which often develop when a room is not used and closed up for a while.

When the bed has been made, leave a throw across the bottom of it so that if they get chilly in the night, your guests can have some extra warmth – it’ll add a nice design touch too. As well as the pillows, leave some cushions as well. This will allow your guests to get comfortable whether they are lounging on the bed, reading a book, watching TV, or just relaxing.

Cater For Their Needs

It is great if everything that your guests could ever need is already in the spare bedroom waiting for them. Fresh glasses and some water are a good start, and some reading material might be appreciated. It used to be a tradition to leave a few biscuits too, but this is not so popular these days because of getting crumbs in their bed. If they get peckish they can always make their way to the kitchen for a snack.  Some slippers for them to use are also not a bad idea. If they have to get up in the night to use the bathroom, they will really appreciate having something to slip on their feet.

Put yourself in their shoes for a while and think what else you would like to find in a bedroom when you are staying with friends or family. Everyone is different, but you will probably know him or her well enough to realise if there is something else they will need.

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Flowers Say Welcome

As long as they do not have a medical condition that makes them steer clear of fresh flowers and plants, these can be a lovely way to welcome guests into your home. A few flowers will make the spare bedroom smell good as well as giving it some extra colour.

Don’t Forget The Bathroom

If your spare bedroom has its own en-suite, then it is just a case of giving t a good clean and making sure it is well stocked with towels, soaps and other toiletries.  If they have to share a bathroom with others, you should perhaps leave them some towels of their own in the bedroom, together with a robe. A robe is a thoughtful touch that they will be pleased about when they do not have to walk around wrapped in a towel.

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Now You Are Ready for Your Guests

Now the spare bedroom is prepared, you are ready to welcome your guests into your home. Of course, there will be other things you may want to do such as some extra shopping maybe, and a general clean up before they arrive.  None of these are as important as giving them a bedroom they can feel comfortable in though, as you do not want them to feel that they are having to ‘make-do.’ of course, doing up the room will mean you have an extra space to spend time in too!

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