The biggest selling point of our house was definitely the garden! It is huge with lots of grass & lovely trees. Unfortunately we have been a little neglectful with our outside space due to concentrating on the interiors so much. Last summer I wasn’t too bothered about doing much to it as Teddy was still quite little but this summer I really want to get on top of it, to give him the outside space he deserves! He absolutely loves being outdoors and running wild. I thought I would share some of our garden plans with you. I’m not going to lie & pretend that I am extremely green fingered, we actually usually opt to pay someone for their gardening services – oh la la I know, get me!

Our garden is a large L shape, when you come out of our back door you come out onto a little balcony, then you step down onto a paved section with flower beds either side, then you follow it down and through an archway, down some more steps into the large grass section which is an L shape. At the bottom, round the corner the old owner had a brick shed/garage built but tore it down. The foundations are there still and just look horrible so the plan is to deck it all and have that as our bbq/seating area. In summer, the sun is constantly on that section of the garden so it will be perfect for late afternoons outside. We actually got a garden quote from a gardener we used, to do us a price for this and it wasn’t as crazy as we thought!

I also plan to get Teddy a large outdoor chalkboard and nail it to some fencing – which I know he will love and it will also grow with him. An idea I have for Teddy’s birthday this year is to get him a huge sand & water table which will be so good to put outside when the weather gets warmer.


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