This quarter of the year is definitely my favourite. I used to be all about Summer and the warmer days but as I’ve gotten older, there is something I really love about October-December. My favourite holiday is Christmas but followed VERY closely by that is Halloween. I know some people really dislike the colder months & I can completely see why as the weather takes a right nose dive & it is hard to find motivation to do anything or get out and about, but it’s so important that you do. I thought I would share with you our Autumn Bucket List! We are away on holiday for two weeks of them, but that isn’t going to stop us!


  • GO FOR MORE WALKS – Teddy is currently obsessed with wearing his new coat, I think because it is super snuggly & now that he has started walking I am determined to go out more and let him really explore.
  • VISIT A PUMPKIN PATCH – We are currently in Wales on a little holiday & we have found a nearby pumpkin patch to go & visit whilst we are there! I am so excited to take Teddy & get some cute pictures. Obviously.
  • AUTUMN CRAFTS – There are a lot of trees near us & leaves fall everywhere, so I have been collecting them ready to do some cutting and sticking with Teddy. I know it will be more ME doing the sticking, but still. The thought is there.
  • CARVE PUMPKINS – I have done this every year since I was little but it is one of my favourite things to do. I have even dragged Aaron into it with me & he tries to come up with a more elaborate design every year, LOL. I can’t wait for Teddy to have a play with all the insides whilst we carve. He’ll love it. Anything messy, he loves.
  • MAKE EPIC HOT CHOCOLATE – I don’t know how or what will make the average hot chocolate “epic”, but i’m going to give it a go. I’m thinking caramel syrup (Starbuck’s caramel hot chocolate used to be one of my absolute favourites), marshmallows and one of those melty waffle things you put over the top of your mug. Teddy has discovered a love for hot chocolate so I know he’ll appreciate the effort I go to. Probably not.
  • JUMP IN THE LEAVES – Now Teddy is walking I want to take him really exploring. He loves to “jump”, it’s more of a bounce on the spot, but if you ask him to jump that is what he does. He also absolutely loves the water, the sounds it makes & the whole getting piss wet through thing. So jumping in leaves & splashing in puddles is HIGH on my bucket list.
  • WATCH MY FAVOURITE HALLOWEEN FILMS – Which is obviously Hocus Pocus, it is one of my all time favourite films ever, ever, EVER! I also love to watch Nightmare Before Christmas even though some people class it as a Christmas film I always prefer to watch it at this time of year. Don’t hate.
  • HARRY POTTER MARATHON – I have actually already started this & I am half way through. It is no secret that Harry Potter is one of my all time favourite things in the world. Second only to Teddy. As someone recently pointed out to me, Harry Potter isn’t a choice, it’s a way of life. There is something so comforting and familiar about these films.

I’d love to know if any of these are on your autumn bucket list?


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