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If you read my blog regularly, you will know that both me & Aaron are avid travellers and in our ten years together we have been to some amazing countries. None of that is going to stop now that we have started a family and I am more determined than ever to save & work my ass off so we can still travel & explore new places. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stop going on holiday. We were told by so many people, when I was pregnant that, OH THESE HOLIDAYS WILL STOP WHEN YOU HAVE A BABY & if you do go on holiday it’ll never be the same.

Turns out, you CAN still go on holiday, in fact by the end of the year we’ll have been away with Haven (to Wales) twice, Greece AND Disneyland Paris. I was slightly apprehensive about our 10 day holiday to Greece we recently went on in July, but it was better than I could have ever imagined. However, we did spend one night on the balcony of our hotel room, whilst Teddy was in bed, talking about where we would love to go one the kids are all grown up. Just us two…. I thought I would share with you my romantic getaway lust list.


We have been to Mexico in 2012, just after my 21st birthday and it was incredible! We had the best time and did absolutely everything we had wanted! This really was a luxury holiday for us, we picked the best hotel we could and booked lots of excursions. The highlights for me were definitely swimming with dolphins, visiting Xel-Ha, the eco water park in Tulum & the pub crawl around Riviera Maya (my god, this night ended with Aaron very drunk & projectile vomiting on the coach home…I’ve never fancied him more LOL). I would love to go back with Teddy (and future babies) once they are older, just due to the flight time but I think me & Aaron would love to go back when the kids have fucked off and re-live our youth in CoCo Bongo…


This is the most recent addition to my lust list due to my Mum booking a holiday there, next year! I’ve always thought it looked amazing and it can’t just be me that automatically thinks of the FRIENDS episodes in which they travel to Barbados and Monica gets the shells put in her hair due to the HUMIDITY. I’ll be raging if Mel comes back with her usual hair, I plan to be cutting her off the shower rail. The beaches look stunning & I can imagine the food is incredible, full of flavour & heat!


I think it is pretty normal to see pictures of the Maldives and instantly wish you were there! It hasn’t always been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit, due to it seeming so relaxed and not as up-beat as other destinations. However, now that I am a parent, that is exactly what I want. To just kick back, relax & really unwind. Preferably with a book & a cocktail. I can only dream about staying in one of those gorgeous huts that have direct room access to the sea. Imagine the views! I think this is possibly one of the most romantic destinations there is? Destination2 Maldives Holiday have some amazing offers on that are seriously making me wish I was rich…

Where would you absolutely love to visit?

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