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five things june

Happy July!! How the F is it July already?! Seriously, we are over half way through the year, it’s ridiculous! I am super excited for July as we are going to Greece & I can’t wait. The first half of the month will be spent panic buying & packing things I probably don’t need, but I am currently on edge over what I will need for 11 nights abroad with a 14 month old!? I’m sure it’ll be fine…..

Thank you so much to all the lovely people that joined in with mine & Georgia’s first monthly link up, we absolutely loved all your posts & reading about all the things you have loved over the past month. I will share my favourites at the bottom! You can read all about the linky & the rules, & we’d love for you to join in. Here are my FIVE THINGS JUNE..



I turned 26 on June 12th & had such a lovely day! Aaron had to work in the morning but once he had finished we headed to do some shopping with my birthday money/vouchers and went out for lunch. I actually spent all my money on ME, which is a very rare occurrence these days. I bought myself some new clothes, haircare & make up (which I haven’t bought in SO long!), that you can see in my Boots Haul. I don’t really rate birthdays that much anymore now that I am older but it was so nice to treat myself to some new things.


I spent June trying to focus more on looking after myself, in the sense of taking a little more time to up my skincare & haircare routine. Whether that was applying a quick five minute face mask during Teddy’s bath time, painting my nails or applying a hair mask. I have been really trying to pamper myself. Especially with my holiday coming up, I kind of wanted to start prepping my body & my skin into looking somewhat semi-decent. I will be sharing my holiday skincare, bodycare & haircare prep on a upcoming blog post so keep your eyes peeled.


I am loving the warmer weather we have been having recently & it makes waking up at the crack of dawn that tiny bit easier knowing that the sun is shining. We’ve been enjoying so many lovely days out. I can’t believe what an amazing summer we have had so far! I can’t remember a year like this, where the warm weather has hung around so long. Don’t me wrong… I am NOT enjoying it so much at night! If the sun & heat could fuck off at around 5pm & come back in the morning, that would be great.


We have spent the past few weeks getting a little more organised at home. Tidying up, decluttering & redecorating have been at the top of the list for a while now but with our summer holiday looming, it has been all systems go over the past week or two to get everything in order. Is there anything worse than coming home from a glorious holiday, to a shit hole? Nope. There isn’t. I can never fully relax when the house is a mess and it can make my anxiety quite bad – I think the reality of having so much to do & with a toddler, there isn’t much time to do it in. I feel SO much better now the house is tidy, the mission now is to keep on top of it.


I feel like June has been a really good month for my blog! I’ve posted lots, smashed my monthly views & have some amazing brand collaborations coming up. I have also had my second biggest earnings through my blog this month, which has helped up save even more money for our spends in Greece. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had recently. I’ve shared some blog posts that i’m really proud of & loved writing, sometimes with blogging you can find yourself writing for the sake of it, but recently that hasn’t been the case at all. I’ve loved writing, taking photos & interacting more on my social media. I’m hoping that this will continue into July! I have lots of exciting travel posts planned throughout the month which I hope you’ll be excited for.


DAYS OUT WITH FRIENDS: May was quite a ‘friend heavy’ month which can always only be a good thing. As a mum I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my friends because I’m on maternity leave and they work full time however May seemed to be the month where everyone just made time for each other. I joined my friends family for the day on Bank Holiday Monday and spent the day at a Family Fun Day in Lichfield which was just lovely!” EM & ME

Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Highlight & Glow palette this is such a lovely palette, it comes with a little square brush too which is great. I haven’t used all the shades yet but I’m really into using the highlighter at the moment (the top left one) it has a lovely illuminating effect when I wear it on top of my other make up.” VICTORIA AUSTIN

NETFLIX: I’ve always been a fan of Nexflix. But it seems to have upped its game over the last few years Gilmore Girls, Friends, Jane the Virgin, Once Upon A Time are a few of my go to series to watch when I just need something in the background (if they could kindly add One Tree Hill I’d be a very happy Mama).” SIMPLY LOTTIE

I hope you enjoyed my FIVE THINGS JUNE.



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  • Laura

    Thank you so much for including me at the end! I loved writing my post last month and I’m going to get this months written up soon! I think our five things may be similar though as I’ve loved my birthday, blogging and the hot weather too!
    This is the only linky I’ve ever joined in and I love it!

  • Jess

    Loved reading your #fivethings – happy birthday for a few weeks ago, sounds like you’ve had a fab month! Well done on your blogging achievement too 🙂 xx

  • Claire

    You are doing so so well with your blogging, it is amazing to see and I absolutely love reading your posts and about your collabs! A tidy house is definitely essential, I feel like summer has been the perfect time to clean and de clutter. And I’m so so glad you enjoyed your birthday and spent some money on yourself too! Thank you for running this linky, I am really really enjoying it! xx

  • Victoria Austin

    Thank you so much for including me in your favourites from last month’s linky and Happy belated Birthday for last month too. As much as I love summery weather it has just been too hot for me some of the days! x

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