Reasons My Toddler Makes Me Want To Pull My Hair Out…



Parenthood is hard. Anyone who says it isn’t, is lying to you! I have made it no secret on my blog that I haven’t found motherhood the easiest & it took me a while to adapt. People told me it would get easier once they were older, and in one sense yeah sure… on the other hand…LOL. Babies don’t lie still forever cooing all adorable, nope. They learn to crawl, start stropping, give you back chat… how very dare they! At the minute Teddy is getting over a sickness bug & where I do feel really sorry for him – the whole not being able to put him down, leave the room or piss in peace is getting a little tedious now. BAD MUM ALERT.  I actually googled Hair Transplant at Harley Street Hair Clinic during one of the MANY night feeds, firstly because i’m pulling what hair I do have out.. and two, to hide the grey hairs I have already started spouting. What the f is all that about? I’m in my mid twenties for god sake! Here are a just a handful of the reasons my toddler has made me want to pull my hair out.

  • He tried climbing off the sofa, so I helped him. He screamed, lay down on the floor & sobbed. We repeated this about twenty times that same day…
  • He ran out of crisp during his dinner so I gave him some more, he then cried & threw them all on the floor..
  • I didn’t get my tit out quick enough.
  • I tried to change him after he’d done the mother of all shit-splosion. How dare I.
  • He shit in the bath, I got him out so he wasn’t swimming in his own FEACES. He screamed and tried crawling back in.


I asked some fellow parents to share reasons that THEIR baby/toddler/child has made them want to pull their hair out…

“The winging stage where they cry at any little thing and follow you around doing it while you are tidying etc” – ANKLEBITERSADVENTURE

“My son has the “bucket o soldiers” type of little army men. Every night I have to line them all up on this shelves as he just knocks them over. There are about 70 but he just cannot rest of it isn’t done. It’s so bloody infuriating” – READYFREDDIEGO

“‘Why?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Why?’ My daughter went through a phrase of asking this constantly. About everything. I wanted to ban the word.” – BETTERTOGETHERHOME

“Sleep, or more precisely, lack of it! My daughter in particular has always wanted to sleep with me, and it’s only now (she’s nearly 3) that we are getting her to sleep in her own bed by herself. I just tell myself that there are worse things in life..” MUMMYSWAISTED

“How many clubs they start, I buy the gear, and then a few weeks later they don’t want to do it anymore!” – HOUSEHOLDMONEYSAVING

“My 22 month old always asks for a banana but he wants it unpeeled. He then squishes to get it out and gets infuriated that he can’t but if I try to peel it- he throws a tantrum I can’t win!” – THIMBLEANDTWIG

“Complaining that they’re too tired to go to sleep, that’s my 4 year old’s favourite.” – THRIFTYYORKSHIREMUM

“Asking the same question over and over again, leading me to answer the same question over and over again in a number of ways until they accept my answer.” – THISMUMMYROCKS

“The grand tantrums! He screamed the murder all the way from shops in town until we reached the car yesterday, all while he got to choose to buy 1 car and an ice cream! The reason he was crying was that he wanted more cars!!!!” – COSMOMUM

Both my babies would scream the second you put them down and I have always found that so painful! Being THAT depended on is quite overwhelming!” – GEORGINA CLARKE BLOG

My nearly two year old insists on squeezing into that 1cm gap between me and the side of the sofa rather than sit next to me where there is a whole empty space. It drives me mad and if I move her she sits on me and works her way to that gap.” – JADES LONG JOURNEY

“The flat out refusal to sleep – and the answering back, which is just getting worse! Oh and she loves to be ON me, all the time. Not sitting next to, or near, but practically on, grabbing my arm or hand constantly. ARGH!!!” – ACTUALAR

“Yesterday my four-year-old had me dragging him around the shopping centre crying and shouting because he didn’t want to be there so I turned around and said right let’s go home because I just couldn’t manage and I dragged him back crying and shouting that he didn’t want to go home! We stayed in the end because I didn’t know what the right answer was!” – EMMA REED


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  1. Totally relate but this post actually made me miss the toddler years with my boys. These times are trying but seeing their little personalities form is precious x

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