Favourite Cleaning Products & Top Tips.

favourite cleaning products

I don’t know what it is about the longer days and warmer weather but I suddenly have the sudden need to get my clean on. I tend to break the rooms up into manageable chunks – so i’ll do the kitchen whilst Teddy is eating his breakfast, the living room whilst he has his late morning snack (tidied up AGAIN once he goes to bed), i’ll do Teddy’s bedroom whilst he is in his cot playing, i’ll clean the bathroom on a day when Aaron is home (purely because of the cleaning products we use and I like to give it a really good deep clean & i’ll do our bedroom once Teddy is in bed.

I tend to give the downstairs a quick tidy every evening whilst Aaron gives Teddy his bath and gets him ready for bed. Usually because it creates the most mess – pots from tea, highchair that needs cleaning (plus the surrounding area, the joys of BLW) and toys that need putting away.

I thought I would share my favourite cleaning products, along with some other Mama’s top tips on how they use THEIR favourite product.

Favourite Cleaning Products

Method Wild Rhubarb Anti-Bac // This is my current cleaning product obsession! A bottle usually lasts around a month, which is pretty good going considering we use it everyday. Especially on Teddy’s highchair tray as it is a plant based product, which is a lot more natural than other antibacterial cleaners. I also use this on my worktops and wooden surfaces in the dining room & lounge. The smell of this is absolutely INSANE! It’s so fresh & even the smallest spray gives off a lasting scent.

Marigold Cleaning Cloths & Sponges // I’ve been using Marigold products for years, since I moved out of my family home. Their rubber gloves are a firm favourite as they have amazing lasting power (I can’t wash up without rubber gloves on, it literally knocks me sick!) but I was lucky enough to be sent a whole box full of their incredible range & i’ve loved trying it all out! Their thirsty sponges are possibly one of my favourite products, along with their microfibre cloths! Marigold are currently holding an amazing offer where you can try their products for free. All you have to do is purchase a Marigold cloth or scourer with an orange promotional sticker, tell Marigold what you think of it & you’ll receive a full refund. All details can be found on their website.

Clean & Fair Laundry Liquid // Clean & Fair is the world’s first Fairtrade cleaning range – made with sustainable palm oil, it’s also eco-friendly, using organic Fairtrade coconut oil. I use this on all Teddy’s washing as I feel it is much gentler on his skin & I absolutely love it! It smells so fresh and clean, which lasts even after it’s been in the drier. I have also tried the Clean & Fair washing up liquid in Lemon Citrus, which smells INSANE. I love any citrusy fruit smells.

Zoflora // If you haven’t already heard of Zoflora, where have you been?! I have been using it since I moved out but it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden & I am loving it. I usually stock up in my local Poundland store but I just HAD to get my hands on the new Very Berry scent & it does not disappoint. I actually have a full blog post on all my favourite uses for Zoflora, there are so many!

CIF Floor Cleaner // Particularly the Wild Orchid scent!!!! I put this in our Vileda spray mop (which is an absolute life & time savour!) diluted with water, and use it all over our kitchen & dining room. I also use it in Teddy’s bedroom and it leaves his room smelling amazing! Considering it is diluted, the scent pay-off is so good. I actually picked this up in Poundland and because you do dilute it, the bottle will last a good while!

Mama’s Favourite Products & Top Tips…

“Wiping down the sink every night with my cotton wool pad after I’ve used toner. Keeps it looking clean until the ‘big clean’ at the weekend!” – YAMMY MOMMY

Method wild rhubarb anti bac spray! I spray that shit like it’s going out of fashion!” – GEE GARDNER

Bicarbonate and white vinegar. I use it for everything – grease stained trays, carpet spills (especially wee or sick), smelly sinks, etc.. Cheap and natural too.” – LITTLE, BIG & ME

A baby wipe over kitchen surfaces after I’ve cleaned them. It gets rid of any streaks.” – HOUSEHOLD MONEY SAVING

“Flash gel blossom fresh it’s amazing and leaves the house smelling so good”. – ANKLEBITERS ADVENTURES

“Zoflora in your washing machine drum and drawer to give it a good disinfect”. – THE SMALLEST OF THINGS

“Clothes washing powder and water mixed into a paste to get the grease off oven doors. If you use a brillo pad, it comes off within seconds (and almost no effort required!)”. – MUMCONVENTIONAL





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  1. Great post! I definitely need to give the Method products a go, I’ve heard loads of fab reviews! I read one tip recently and can’t remember where that said to pour a couple of capfuls of Zoflora into a packet o unscented baby wipes to make Zoflora anti bac wipes and OMG! It works SO well, and smells amazing!! Defiantly my new favourite thing!

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