21 Things Women Wish Men Knew (#2)

Things women wish men knew


Back in July 2016 I wrote a blog post on 10 Things Women Wish Men Knew & I think that almost 18 months later it was time to do a follow up post! I have also asked some other gals to get involved & share what they wish their man knew…

01. Contrary to what you say, I can never watch FRIENDS too many times. Sit down & shut up.

02. I don’t know what you’ve heard but coming up behind me with your todge out and slapping me around the back of my head with your balls, isn’t going to end well. You aren’t getting your happy ending I am afraid.

03. Where the clit is – Gee Gardner

04. When i’m browsing ASOS, don’t sit or stand near me lurking over my shoulder trying to see what i’m ordering. There is firstly, nothing for you in there & secondly, you better not be about to start questioning what is in my basket.

05. That squeezing a baby out of your vagina is not the same as getting hit in the nuts, regardless of how many times they tell you it is! – Five Little Doves

06. I have the memory of an elephant so you better remember that i’m going to be pulling out things you said six years ago, during an argument. A bitch never forgets.

07. It wouldn’t kill you to do the food shop or a meal plan. You’re perfectly happy to EAT the food, but that’s where your input ends. Sort it out Cha.

08. Where the washing basket is – Little Snippets

09. That I definitely need this new bag.. – The Coastal Mummy

10. I know it might baffle your tiny mind but I do in fact shit. Just like you

11. We are actually pretty good at directions – Devon Mama

12. When I say i’m broody. I don’t actually mean it. You don’t have to chop your penis off & run for the hills. Trust me you’ll KNOW when I am ready for another baby.

13. That magical toilet fairy? IT IS ME! – Sinead Latham

14. How to load the dishwasher – Just Buttons Blog

15. Asking me “is this right, does this look ready yet, am I doing this right?” does NOT count as you cooking tea. You might as well not fucking bother mate, because i’m in & out of the kitchen ten times. We both know that i’ll end up taking over.

16. That we know you didn’t “accidently” try & slip it up our bum that time. It’s not a pothole pal, you know how to avoid it. – Actual Ar

17. Using the washing machine & dryer once in a while wouldn’t kill ya. You can actually use them for other things besides your work uniform!!!!

18. Be kind with your words, sometimes your toothbrush may clean more than your teeth if you’re nasty. That ones from a friend – Our Altered Life

19. How to fold over or seal the top of the cereal packet once the box is open. I am forever going to the cupboard and finding a clump of cereal hard enough to put someone’s window out with – Mumconventional

20. How to be a decent human being. Failing that where the fucking bin is, or dishwasher or wash bin, or hoover or outside bin or recycling ECT. – The Smallest Of Things

21.  Where the kids clothes are kept, I mean they have been in the same place for 2 years but apparently he can never find themMama Mighalls


Is there anything you wish your man knew?


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  1. I am howling at this, the asos basket one is definitely me. It drives me mad when I can see he is glancing at what I’m buying.

    1. Haha! It’s so irritating! You can give me the side eye all your want, I am actually going to buy all this. YES.

  2. This is hilarious!! Number 2 – do they all send out a memo?? Because nothing screams romance like getting slapped by your junk…. *heavy sarcasm*

    I love my guy, but sometimes I truly wonder about my decision in staying with him LOL.

    1. Haha – exactly! They could at least romance us first!!!!

      I feel the exact same way. He’s hanging by a thread! Haha xx

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