Tips On How To Get A Good Nights Sleep.

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Tips For A Good Nights Sleep


Sleep is something I think many of us would like more of, especially when you are a parent. But while we are probably getting the required amount of shut eye in each night, is the quality of sleep good enough? You may find you wake repeatedly. Perhaps you just can’t settle even though you have gone to bed at a decent time. There are many reasons as to why someone won’t be getting as much sleep as they would like, which is why I thought I would share with you some of the top tips to help you get more of it.


Top Tips For A Good Nights Sleep…


Invest in your bedroom

One of the first things you could do is invest in your bedroom. It may sound quite obvious, but it could make a huge difference. First of all, where you sleep could do with some attention. Perhaps a new mattress or bed so that you feel comfortable and supported. Websites like could help. Then you need to consider what you have in your bedroom. Too much clutter could be doing more harm than good. Take the time to really tidy up the space. Provide storage for the things you do need, and find homes for the things you don’t. You also need to ensure that your bedroom doesn’t become a multi-functional room so avoid working in there. Keep it as a relaxing environment and this could help your mind switch off at night.


Consider your routine before bed

Another thing to consider is your routine before bed. Being too active or stimulated right before bed can cause huge problems with your mind at night. Instead. Consider ridding yourself of the technology an hour before bed. This could help calm your mind. Try out more relaxation techniques, perhaps meditation, a warm bath, a warm drink and wearing something comfortable and cosy. What you do in this hour is up to you, but try and refrain from anything that is going to stimulate yourself too much.


Taking exercise throughout the day can help

Often being tired is the key, but mental exhaustion is different to physical exhaustion. If you can, try and be as active as possible throughout the day. Walking somewhere instead of driving, just getting out of the house for a few minutes walk each day. Taking the stairs instead of a lift, or actually taking some form of exercise like going to the gym or a class. It may not be possible each day, but if you can commit to being more active you will find that come the end of the day you will be physically tired as well.

Reduce caffeine or alcohol

Finally, caffeine and alcohol are big stimulants of the brain, and they are designed to keep you awake. Avoid them as best you can before bed. Alcohol can often be seen as a way to make you sleepy, and while it can have that effect initially, you can often find that you have a night waking up or that you won’t be in a deep sleep. Websites like have some great tips to reduce consumption. Reducing the amount you have at least a few hours before bed could help you get a more restful night’s sleep.


I hope these tips help you get some extra shut eye.


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