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Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are in 2018, it doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that we were welcoming in 2017 and I was preparing myself for our baby’s arrival, now Teddy is almost eight months old! If you read my 2017 THE HIGHLIGHTS post, you will know that 2017 was a really good one for me on both my blogging & personal life, but I am so ready to get stuck into the new year & set myself some goals and little resolutions. I know there is a whole cliché with ‘fresh year, fresh start’ but I personally am all for it! I am not going to be making any major changes but there are a few things I want to improve on & take a little more time for. They are all (hopefully) realistic and I can’t wait to look back at the end of the year and see what I have achieved.


More Self Care: Whether that be in the form of a five minute face mask or a full on shower, moisturise & blow dry your damn hair thing. Just do something everyday that feels like a treat, & is all about me. It’s not selfish to want ten minutes to yourself.

Read More: Over the past week or two, I’ve actually managed this and I want to make sure I keep it up. Reading is my absolute favourite thing to do & nothing makes me feel more like myself than getting lost in a good book.

Donate More To Charity: One Christmas Eve; my Mum, Teddy & I took a whole bag of goodies to the local animal shelter. Including dog beds, cat treats, toys & dog food. It felt so good to do something to help & I definitely want to do more of it over 2018. I have already bagged up lots of Teddy’s old things including his old baby bath, blankets & unopened nappies, ready to go to families in need. I am also planning on signing Teddy up to sponsor a animal on the WWF website, it’s only £3 a month and it is something I want to keep doing as he grows up!

Be A Better Partner: It is safe to say that 2017 was all about Teddy, as it should be, but mine & A’s relationship has been really neglected and it’s so easy to forget that as well as being a mother, I am also someone’s fiancé. I need to remember that there is another man in my life!

Get Out More With Teddy: It’s so easy to sit at home & try to entertain a baby with their hundreds of toys. You get lost in the routine of feeds, naps, nappy changes, housework & repeat. You look back in the evening and realise you haven’t actually left the house in three days. I feel so much better when I’ve gotten out of the house, even if it’s a twenty minute walk to the shop! 
Spend More Time Offline: This goes hand in hand with being a better partner, and mummy to be honest. I spend the days trailing through Twitter, Instagram and any other social media I bother with. If i’m not on there, I am writing blog posts, if i’m not writing blog posts, i’m replying to emails! I want to turn off a little more and have more technology free time, to spend with my family.


Post Twice A Week: In a few months I will be going back to work and I don’t want to spend all the free time I have on my blog. I love it, but I also love my family and I love doing  things for MYSELF that aren’t online or on a computer. I usually upload three times a week & have done for months, but I have decided to take a step back and relieve some of the pressure I feel when it comes to a schedule. I am going to figure out a new blogging schedule that works for me.

Increase Stats & Followers On All Social Media: I know it isn’t all about the stats, but no one can deny that it feels really good when you reach a new milestone and see your online following growing & improving. Here are my current stats on social media, followed by my goal I hope to reach!

TWITTER: 1,251 (aiming for 2,000)
INSTAGRAM: 754 (aiming for 1,000)
FACEBOOK: 94 (aiming for 200)

Continue To Work With Brands & Host Sponsored Content: I have worked with some AMAZING brands in 2017, and also received my first paid post. It’s so nice knowing that brands love your blog and want to work with you. I’d to love to potentially make blogging more of a part time job with a sturdy income but we’ll see, that isn’t something I am expecting for a long time but it’s definitely a dream of mine.

Post More Varied Content: I definitely want to start incorporating more of my favourite things into my blog, both reading (book reviews, wrap ups ect) and home interiors. We are currently re-decorating a couple of rooms in our house and have picked up some lovely bits that I really want to share. We have been doing it on a budget so I think it’d be great to share our journey as first time home owners.

Improve Photography: I really want to up my photography game in 2018, and towards the end of last year I really did try and take a little more pride in my photos. I’m not sure if you noticed, probably not, they weren’t THAT good!

There you have it, my goals for 2018. There is nothing in there that is completely out of reach & impossible (I hope), i’m really excited to see what this new year will bring!

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