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A Guide To Harrogate

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A Guide To Harrogate A Guide To Harrogate A Guide To Harrogate  Harrogate is one of my favourite places in the UK & i’m so lucky that it is less than two hours away! We have been here a couple of times and last week we decided to visit for the first time as a family. I go back off maternity in a few weeks so we are determined to make the most of Aaron’s days off and spend quality time together, visiting new places or going back to our favourites. I have a whole list of cities & towns to visit by the end of the year, and at the top was Harrogate. It’s such a beautiful spa town in North Yorkshire, and it’s home to lovely parks & so many restaurants, it makes it hard to choose where to eat! Especially for a foodie like me.

Teddy usually has his morning nap at around 9am, so we decided to set off then in the hope that he would sleep the majority of the way there. Luckily for us he slept the whole way! Plus the whole way home! It took us around two hours to there due to Aaron needing a pee break, friggin typical.. but we arrived in plenty of time to do some shopping & enjoy lunch, which I was REALLY looking forward to. I thought I would give you a quick run down of my favourite restaurants, shops and where to get the best hot chocolate…


Guide To Harrogate Guide To Harrogate


  • The Winter Gardens– This is where we ate & it is part of the Wetherspoon franchise, so it’s super cheap and the food is really good. We actually park on the public car park behind the pub, it’s right in the centre of everything and not too expensive.
  • Five Guys– Who doesn’t love a good burger?!
  • Jamie’s Italian– I’ve eaten at Jamie’s in Covent Garden but I am yet to try the Italian restaurants! I have heard amazing things so we have said we will eat there next time we go.
  • Las Iguanas– I’ve always wanted to go here but I feel like we might leave it until it’s just me & Aaron, baby free. We can enjoy a lovely food & a cocktail in peace…
  • The Fat Badger– I aint’ gonna lie, this is mainly on the list for the name. However it is ALSO a gorgeous traditional English pub right in the centre of the Montpellier Quarter. I’d love to visit here in summer so we can sit outside.



  • Primark– You can never go wrong with a bit of Primark! We popped in here before lunch & picked up some lovely bits for our holiday, they had the CUTEST little swimming shorts for Teddy, with little sharks on. We also got Teddy some t-shirts for our holiday as well, they are only £1.30 and have some lovely prints. For that price, we won’t mind them getting full of ice cream or sun cream. Obviously I had to pick up a couple of lovely summer bits for myself…
  • Space NK– For the beauty lovers out there, this one is for you! It’s located just across the road from Jo Malone & right next to L’occitane. This area of Harrogate is a lovely little beauty shrine.
  • Waterstones– Possibly one of my favourite shops ever. I love going into their stores, although gone are the days of perusing the books I like and I now head straight for the children’s section.
  • Early Learning Centre– Now this one may seem a little daft but our local ELC shut down years ago & it still makes me sad, especially now that we have a little baby of our own. As soon as I saw the shop in Harrogate, I dragged Aaron in with me & spent ages traipsing around oohing and ahhing over all the toys. Needless to say we didn’t leave empty-handed.
  • Jo Malone– I used to own so many Jo Malone candles but since having Teddy, gone are the days of spending £40+ to burn. However their perfumes are beautiful and I always love going into their stores and eyeing up all the lovely goodies.



Guide To Harrogate Guide To Harrogate Guide To Harrogate Guide To Harrogate

You can’t go to Harrogate & not go to Betty’s Tea Room! It is such a beautiful building and the one in Harrogate is actually the original one, the first that ever opened. It is always busy but nowhere near as busy as the tea room in York (which literally has a queue out the door!). You can just pop into the shop and pick up their range of teas and cakes to take home, or you can sit in their tea room. We’ve never eaten anything other can cake at Betty’s but I know they do a lovely selection of foods including afternoon tea that looks YUM! I always opt for a hot chocolate and oh my goodness…it is hands down the best one I’ve ever had. It’s so thick & chocolatey, with whipped cream (which I don’t usually like but they don’t put loads on & it just adds something a little extra special to it) and grated chocolate on top. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, I don’t know what will.

I hope you found this guide helpful if you are thinking of going to Harrogate, & i’d love to know where in the UK you love to visit?!

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  • Claire

    Harrogate is one place I’ve never been to but it honestly sounds like heaven! Las iguanas is one of my favourite restaurants, you should definitely go if you can! We are yet to take bear, I want him to try the calamari, it’s divine! Also, the choice of shops sounds amazing!! It looks like such a lovely vintage looking town. I’m definitely gonna try and go soon I think, a day out there sounds lovely! And I’ll remember to visit Betty’s tea rooms for hot chocolate, yum! Xx

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