Teddy’s First Christmas Eve Box.


I can’t believe that it is less than a week until Christmas! We are in full Christmas mode in our house; the tree is up, many a bottle of Bucks Fizz has been consumed & Teddy rolls around everyday in some sort of festive get-up. I think we have definitely gone a little OTT with Teddy’s first Christmas but it is just so exciting and it’s hard not to get swept up in the magic of it all! Unfortunately, Christmas Eve Boxes weren’t a thing when I was younger but over the past couple of years they seem to be the new craze and I suffer from major FOMO, so I had to join in! Teddy will only be seven months so I couldn’t go too mad but I have popped a few little festive bits into a lovely wooden crate from Hobby Craft. I might actually put a couple of treats into it for me & Aaron this year, some festive pyjamas and a bottle of fizz maybe…

I thought I would share with you what we have put in Teddy’s first Christmas Eve Box, to maybe give you some ideas if you are planning on putting one together yourself!

I picked up this lovely plate from Home Bargains for only £2.99, which is an absolute bargain! When I was a child, I loved putting out our mince pie, carrot & festive beverage for Father Christmas & I knew I wanted to carry on the tradition with Teddy! You personalise the plate yourself with a marker pen that is provided with the plate. It is such amazing quality for the price and I know it will last for a good few years.

My mum actually picked up this lovely reindeer rattle from Next a couple of weeks ago and Teddy instantly loved it, it’s so easy for him to hold onto and give a good shake. I thought this would be a perfect addition to his first Christmas Eve box due to the detailing of the “My First Christmas” and the 2017 stitched onto the little red label. It is something that I will keep in his memory box, when he has outgrown it.
Teddy has an advent calendar and it is safe to say that he is a fan of Milkybar chocolate! I usually only give him a tiny nibble and I eat the rest (mum perks and all that!) but it’s one of the only things that he doesn’t spit out as soon as it goes in his mouth. I picked him a pack of Milkybar buttons and where as I’ll end up eating the majority, he can enjoy a couple as well! I KNOW chocolate isn’t good for babies blah blah blah, but a tiny chocolate button every once in a while isn’t going to tip him over the edge I’m sure.
What is Christmas without a festive sleepsuit?! This one from George at Asda is so cute and I love the fact that it has “My 1st Christmas” written on the front, he will wear this to bed on Christmas Eve. The bib is from Tesco and we’ll be saving this for whilst he is eating his Christmas dinner! 
We have a couple of the “That’s Not My…” books from Usbourne and I couldn’t resist this snowman one that I spotted on Amazon. I love this range of books and actually have a few saved in my Amazon basket. We have bought Teddy “That’s Not My Dinosaur” for Christmas and it’s currently wrapped up in his stocking. I’m a huge dinosaur lover so I am forcing my obsession upon my kid, again, mum perks! 
As I’ve said, I know Teddy won’t quite understand the idea yet but I’m so excited for our new tradition as a family! Have you done a Christmas Eve box? What do you put in yours? 
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