13 Life Lessons I Hope To Teach My Son.


Being a parent is one of the toughest things you can ever do, not only do you have to look after them and be solely responsible for keeping them alive but you also have to teach them how to be a good person and in my case, teach my son to be a good man! Life is so rough sometimes and comes with a whole host of challenges so it’s important to me to that Teddy has everything he needs to grow up to be the best version of himself.

What lessons do we want to teach our children? What do we want them to know before they are grown and go out into the real world?

13 Lessons I Hope To Teach My Son…

01. Be Truthful; don’t let yourself get caught in a lie and feel like you have to back track. Be honest and trust-worthy always. That being said also take on board peoples feelings. Know when your honesty could be hurtful. Your truth (opinions and preferences) aren’t always going to be the same as someone else’s.

02. Always Be Kind; kindness is overlooked far too often and even the smallest act can make all the difference to someone’s day. Be kind to people, animals and yourself.

03. Respect Is Earned, Not Given; Some people don’t agree with this but I believe that people don’t automatically deserve you to respect them, especially if they don’t give the same back to you.

04. Stand Up For Those Who Can’t Stand Up For Themselves; It won’t always be easy but if you see someone being unkind or harming somebody or something that is defenceless, speak out. If you hear people being unkind behind someone’s back and you don’t agree? Don’t join in to keep them happy, tell them.

05. You Can’t Please Everyone All Of The Time; and you aren’t suppose to.

06. When Someone Says No, Your Listen; & you should expect the same in return. If someone puts their hands on you, comes into your personal space or makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them NO. This word is so important.

07. Own Your Mistakes; There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding your hands up and admitting you made an error- in your actions or your judgement. Everyone makes them. You’ll learn from them and do better next time.

08. Be A Good Friend; & chose your friends wisely. Trust, honesty and someone who adds to your happiness are some of the most important qualities to have, in both yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

09. Laugh Every Day; No matter how much of a shite day you might be having, find a way to laugh everyday. It’s so good for your heart & soul. You’ll feel better for it I promise.

10. Emotions Are There To Be Felt; Don’t ever be ashamed to be sad or cry. It doesn’t make you any less of a man. If anything, it makes you even stronger sweet boy xx

11. Celebrate Your Differences; You are so wonderfully unique and I want you to celebrate this. Don’t shy away from them.

12. Follow Your Dreams; Not mine, your dads, your friends or your teachers. Yours. No matter how big or how crazy they seem. We are your side-kicks and will do everything we can to help you get there.

13. Your Are So Unbelievably Loved; My gorgeous boy, I can’t express how much I love you. No matter what you say or do in your life, I will always love you unconditionally. You are so loved by so many people & don’t ever forget it.

I have asked some of my favourite blogging Mama’s to share the life lessons that they hope to teach their little ones;

“Something I feel really passionate about teaching Freddie is resilience. There will be many times during his life that he will mess up or something will go wrong and I wish I could protect him from it all but I can’t. However as long as he knows that no matter what happens, you take a breath (or a moment to have a strop and a wallow!) and then you get back up and carry on. Because if you are resilient, you will get to wherever you want to be eventually, even if the journey was a bit bumpy” – Amy Jane & Baby
“For My Daughter; Learn from my mistakes, know that you are beautiful. Always. Don’t ever let a man walk all over you. You are better than that.” –  Mummy & Liss
“I want to teach my son that it’s okay not to be okay. He never has to ‘man up’ and if ever makes a girl feel uncomfortable, he’ll be in big trouble.!” – 2 Nerds & A Baby
“Never let anyone tell her that she isn’t good enough. That number on paper, screens or scales do not define her and that she is and always will be, enough.” – Gee Gardner

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