Creating A Logo With Logojoy & An Exciting Announcement!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you won’t have seen that I have recently decided to launch a weekly newsletter! It won’t be anything too exciting, just sharing my latest blogposts, a couple of things I have been loving that week and also feature some blog posts I have loved reading. Every month I am also planning on featuring a specific blogger that I have been really enjoying and would recommend.

You can sign up via the form available on my blog homepage & I really would love it if you did. I have been blogging for the past five years but over the past couple of months I feel like my blog is really taking a huge leap and leading to some really exciting opportunities. I absolutely love blogging at the minute and it’s something that really makes me feel like me. The me I was before having Teddy.

I have spent so long trying to get my newsletter design exactly how I want it and it is still a working progress (mainly because i’m never happy with anything) & one thing I wanted to create was a header for my newsletter that was slightly different to that on my blog. I wanted it to fit in with the clear theme I am going for & that is where Logojoy come in!

LogoJoy is a website where you can design and create your own logo for your blog or business. You can start by picking a few sample logos you like and then alter all the text, colours, imagery that suits you. I was playing around with the site all morning and all the suggestions they gave me were amazing. I didn’t go for anything too fancy, purely for the fact that that just isn’t me and I really wanted something that reflected my blog and who I am. Once you’ve gone through all the options you can preview all the examples and still edit them as you wish!


Those are just a couple of the examples but you can get miles fancier than that! Like I said, I wanted something simple & clear. You can also preview how your logo will look on business cards, jumpers and signs which I think if you own your own business if a fab idea! When you have finished your logo and have it exactly how you want it you can download a low-resolution image or you can pay for the premium package at $65 which will buy you the full high-resolution package and if you really like, you can buy it all in the exact size you require for your social media!

Where I do think $65 is quite expensive, it really is an amazing idea & if you aren’t particularly creative or have no idea where to start, Logojoy really is something you should consider.

I really would love you to sign up to my newsletter!

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