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Top Tips For Travelling With A Baby

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Top Tips For Travelling With A Baby

If you read my “Our First Family Holiday” post you will know that recently we travelled to Wales with Haven Holidays. We stayed at the Greenacres Holiday Park & loved it. It was situated in Porthmadog which from our home just outside Manchester was estimated to take roughly 2 and a half hours. This time last year we’d have arrived bang on time, however with a tiny human in tow, it aint so easy! We drove for an hour and then stopped for boob and bathroom breaks at a lovely garden centre, who had some of their Christmas stock out EEEKK! We then drove for another hour before stopping off so we could have some dinner and feed Teddy. I think all-in-all the journey took around five hours, which I was quite impressed with! We left just before 10am (but made a quick trip to Costa drive-thru and we pulled up at the caravan park at 3pm.

I felt so nervous beforehand, as babies are so temperamental and you never know how they’ll be one day from the next! Some days he loves his car seat and other days you’d think we were strapping him to a shark. Luckily for us Teddy literally slept all the way there & back, with the exception of our stops where he was his usual nosy self.

I thought I would ask some other parents for their advice and top tips for travelling with a baby, whether it’s travelling abroad (which we are doing next year so I could do with the help!) or a family getaway in your own country. Here is what they had to say…

“When I spot trembling parents on the plane trying to keep it together, I always say to them “if your children scream, cry or misbehave on the flight, don’t worry! You’ll never see these passengers again”. Chilled out parents always have chilled out kids and stressed, agitated parents have a flipping nightmare! Being prepared is key for the journey.” – Reduced Grub

“Plan your journey if you can including stops, toilet breaks ect for them (as well as you) and make sure you have enough water for everyone to keep you all hydrated! – Dear Mummy Bear

“Have plenty of nappies and wipes within easy reach and perhaps a fold up changing mat.” – Sophie and Lily

“Make sure you have more snacks/milk than you need. You never know when you may get stuck somewhere.” Household Money Saving

“Spare changes of clothes, nappies ect in your carry on just incase your checked in bag doesn’t make it! – Then There Were Three

“Never, ever forget the baby wipes. Always carry an extra pack.” – Tactical Mummy

“Do some research on local taxi companies if you need a lift to your destination. Here in Maidenhead we have a company that will let you use your own seat and keep it in their office until you are ready to be picked up on your way back. This is so handy when you are figuring out the logistics what to pack!” – Maidenhead Mum

“Download Cbeebies night time onto your phone or tablet to help maintain a bedtime routine for your little ones.” – Thrifty Mum

“A sling! Hands-free ease during travelling.” – Incredible Isla Blog

“We missed our flight to Crete last year! Leave extra time as it always takes so much longer going through security with children. Pack little toy activities and lots of small snacks & fruit. Ipad loaded with Max & Ruby or Peppa Pig ect is my biggest tip for toddlers and pre-schoolers. For babies, breastfeeding definitely helped calm them.” – Peacocks Can Fly

“Take plenty of spare clothes, wipes and nappies to cover delays, unexpected sick and accidents!” – Lylia Rose

“Make sure you have a decent steriliser, new toys for the plane, plenty of food on hand & calpol!” – 2 Nerds & A Baby

“Snacks, I-pads, annoying baby apps and YouTube! You can also get busy bags online which have a bunch of travel friendly activities to keep them quiet” – Gee Gardner

What are your top tips for travelling with a baby?



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