Fisher-Price Butterfly Dream 2-In-1 Soother


It is safe to say that Teddy isn’t the best sleeper. He can also be quite highly strung, especially during leaps or growth spurts. He slept fine up until the fourth leap, which you can read more about in his Four Month Update, only waking twice (sometimes once) in the night. However as soon as that fourth leap hit, we took a massive step back and he was up every hour in the night, wouldn’t settle in his crib and refused to be put down during the day. We are now well out of the leap and sleep still isn’t much better, mainly now due to the fact that he is teething but that doesn’t make the wake ups any easier. He’ll sleep 8-11, 11-3 and then he’s up every hour until we get up at 8/8:30am. He’s so restless at night and we are back co-sleeping as it’s the only way he’s settled. I’m perfectly happy co-sleeping and if you read my Dear Mama: Co-Sleeping & Why It’s Okay post, you will know that I am a huge advocate for doing whatever you need to do to get some sleep, but I think once we are back from our holiday to Wales (where we will be co-sleeping to save lugging a travel cot), I am going to try and get him settled back into his crib.

One thing I have found is that the calmer Teddy is before bedtime, the easier he is to settle and the quicker he will fall asleep. We usually take him upstairs at 6:30/7pm, depending when his last nap was and start his bathtime. Once he’s been bathed we will put him in his pyjamas and Ergo Pouch sleeping bag, whilst doing this we turn on our Fisher Price Butterfly Dream 2-in-1 Soother

The Fisher-Price soother is the perfect hybrid of everything your baby will need to soothe your baby and set the mood for a relaxing bedtime. It offers a colour-changing night light, a gorgeous starlight projection (my favourite part) and a range of gentle music, nature sounds or white noise. You can adapt it to exactly what your baby prefers to help settle them at bedtime. Another feature I love is the three auto-off timers, meaning you can choose from 10, 20 or 30 minutes of soothing before it switches itself off.

Teddy only has one plug socket in his bedroom and we will be using that for his GroEgg, so that fact that the soother is powered by batteries (4 x AA) is so handy for us and can be placed on his chest of drawers or one of his shelves. It also means you don’t have loads of wires hanging all over the joint.

As I mentioned, Teddy is teething and everything is currently going in his mouth for some sort of relief, so the lovely little butterfly dream bear is perfect for him. It’s just the right size for him to hold onto and sink his little tooth into, literally TOOTH. He has one poking through his bottom gum now (how has my baby got a tooth already?! SOB). It’s machine washable so I know I can keep it nice and clean when it’s been covered in dribble. 
The soother is suitable from birth and I really wish we had known about it when Teddy was first born, as at £24.99 (RRP) it’s really good value for money, considering all the different options that come with it. It may not help Teddy to sleep yet, as he is going through a fussy episode, but it is definitely helping him relax and his favourite thing is to look at the star projector on our ceiling, mixed with the white noise. I am definitely going to persevere and use this every night, especially when he goes in his own room as it will be something familiar. 
Does your little one have a soother? How did you cope when your baby was teething?!

*this product was sent for review although all opinions are my own.

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