2017 perfume collection
When it comes to perfume, I am a bit of a scent slut. Slutty in the sense that I don’t like one particular type of fragrance. I like lots of different ones, depending on my mood. I like fruity, citrus, floral, sweet and slightly harsher perfumes, it really is just a case of what I fancy at the time.
My go to and all time favourite scent is definitely Alien by Mugler! It is such a signature scent that I know instantly as soon as I smell it. It’s also the one that I get the most compliments on when I am wearing it. It is definitely a acquired taste I would say as it is quite strong and I know it can give some people (aka my sister) a slight headache. It was the first higher end perfume I was bought and I think that is why it has such a special place in my fragrance collection. It is definitely one that I will purchase again & again. The bottle is also absolutely beautiful and so different to anything else on the scene. When you first apply it you definitely get the smell of the jasmine and it comes through quite strong, but it soon settles down and blends well with the amber. I always feel really kick ass and good about myself when I wear this.
mugler alien perfume review

Next paradise perfume review
Next do the most gorgeous perfumes and they are such a bargain. Paradise is a really light, fruity scent that is perfect for summer. How gorgeous is the bottle?! So bright and tropical. This 100ml perfume only cost me a mere £12, and the 200ml bottle is only £20. You’ll be able to treat yourself to a beautiful scent without spending a fortune. If you love the Coco Chanel Mademoiselle perfume then Next’s Eau Nude is the perfume for you, it is a perfect dupe for a fraction of the price! I really wanted to by the Chanel but just couldn’t warrant spending that much on a perfume without selling an organ. So when I researched alternatives, Eau Nude instantly came up as a firm favourite.
Zoella beauty jelly and gelato body mist
Another high end perfume I love is Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette. I picked this up in Duty Free last year just before my Sister’s wedding in Cyprus so it’s a really special perfume that reminds me of an amazing holiday with my family. It’s the perfect mix of femininity and floral scents with a fruity centre. It smells really fresh and light, the only downfall is that the scent doesn’t last long when wearing it and needs to be reapplied if you want it to last throughout the day or night. I’ve heard some people say that it lasted all day for them, just on one application so it might totally depend on each individual. 
The most recent addition to my collection is the Zoella Beauty Gelat’eau body mist. I have to admit it was the packaging that suckered me into this purchase! The glass bottle and the pastel coloured design was just too much for me to ignore and I instantly picked up a bottle upon release. I have to admit, it’s a strange scent that I really don’t think will be for everyone. it is ridiculously sweet, which I think is the idea with it being a jelly & gelato based range, but it’s actually quite sickly. One thing I do really like (other than the packaging) is the fact that it isn’t anything I have ever smelt before and once you get past the initial sickly, sweet notes. It is actually a really nice fragrance that has really good lasting power! It is definitely a summer scent.
Honourable mentions go to Victor&Rolf FlowerBomb Eau De Parfum and Marc Jacobs Daisy & Daisy Dream!
I’d love to know your favourite perfumes! Which fragrance do you always reach for? Do you have any of the ones I’ve listed above?


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