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Hey everyone, I’m Jenni from the blog Jenni Of Wonderland and I’m mummy to Zachary who is now just over 3 months old! We are from Bedfordshire.

10 Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming A Mummy

Feeling out of your depth is normal
Your emotions will be all over the place and your hormones will be too and it’s completely normal. Remember you’ve just given birth, it can be the most traumatic moment of your life. I felt like this in the first month of Zach being born. Nevertheless, the feeling of everything is out of my depth will soon pass. And if it doesn’t pass then talk to your GP for advice and support.

Embrace your body
After having Zach via c section I felt really self conscious about my body. I instantly hated it, I had that horrible pouchy apron thing going on and i would glare at myself in the mirror every day despising it all. None of my clothes fit me including my maternity wear and I felt fustrated. My hubby had to remind me every time he caught me hating myself in the mirror that I have just had a baby. It took me a good two months, to stop my self hatred and to embrace myself. Your body has done something spectacular, it has looked after your baby for nine months! So my motto for all mums with saggy tums is this; nine months up, nine months down.  

You will be so organised
I never was before Zach. I now love my diary, and I even make lists. Everything is scheduled to make things a lot easier and to get out the house on time or do anything really. But most of all so I don’t forget. This helps with getting the baby changing bag ready the night before with bottles for feeding. Seeing what appointments for Zach he has each week. It also helps me with getting up in the morning and getting ready. Way before Zach wakes up. 

Not dressed before Midday?
Don’t sweat. Its ok to spend the morning in your pjs with messy hair and smelling of sick and poo. Millions of mummy’s are right there with you.

Breastfeeding is hard work
Whether you are able to breastfeed or not and depending on your breastfeeding journey, at some point it was or is bloody hard work. Not only are you learning yourself on how to do it, so is your baby. They can have trouble latching on and once they do latch it an be for hours! Breastfeeding isn’t easy, it takes time, effort and dedication and that’s if you’re lucky to do so anyway. 

Be kind to yourself
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be the ‘perfect’ mamma. There isn’t such a thing and it took me a while to accept that. There’s so much pressure to be a super mum in todays society. The house has to be clean, you have to be well presented and immaculate and make sure baby is this and that before they can even walk etc. Just stop, put down that hoover or makeup brush and look after baby with a messy bun that hasn’t been washed for days. It can all wait.

Beware the poonami
It can happen at any time and any place. It will go everywhere, even on you! Don’t forget to pack a couple of spare outfits for baby and nappy bags to put dirty clothes in.

Mummy’s lie
It’s the truth and it’s ok. This can be on anything. Every mum gets asked “So does your baby let you sleep?” It’s annoying. But I say no all the time. My son sleeps through the night and has done since one and half months. Do I tell other mummy’s this? Until now, no I haven’t. Because I’m very lucky to have the luxury of nine hours uninterrupted sleep every night. Also it would make other mums who are up all night, feel like shit and question themselves and their babies. 

No one knows what they are doing

Absolutely no one. Every new mum is in the same boat and every baby is different. You will question everything! That’s fine, that’s how it should be because that’s how we learn. Believe it or not our baby’s will guide us and they are the ones who are teaching us in knowing what they want. Just remember, you are doing an amazing job.


Is parenthood different to how you imagined?

Of course. When I was a little girl I was given a baby newborn doll for my birthday and that was when my desire of becoming a mummy began. Everywhere you look, parenting is made to look easy and fun all the time. I truly had no idea of what I was getting myself into, I thought it would be a walk in the park. How wrong was I? 

Parenting is the hardest job in the world and you’re constantly learning. No one talks about the nitty gritty part of parenting and I wish people did. I’ve had more down days then up since Zach was born. The first month I felt like a feeding station, every half hour of every day I breastfed and I thought it was normal, because that’s what babies do. Zach had at least ten pooey nappies a day and I thought that’s what babies do also. I hardly slept or showered. All this made me appreciate my mum a hell of a lot more then I have done and respect mothers before me. It isn’t easy.

At 24 days old Zach was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and I thought my world had ended. Not only was I just getting the knack of looking after a newborn, then this was dumped in my lap and it made my job as a new mummy a little be harder as I had to learn everything about CF and how much medication he needs every day. However, it explained why he was constantly pooing and feeding. Now, things are a lot better and I feel like I can take on the world.

Yes, parenting is hard and can be very challenging at times and I wouldn’t change a bit of the experience I’ve had so far. I will leave you all with this; It doesn’t get easy, you just get better. 

Love Jenni x

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