Things They Don’t Tell You When You Move Out For The First Time.


I moved out of my family home almost three years ago and whilst it is the best thing i’ve ever done, it’s also one of the hardest. I’m lucky that I got to move in with Aaron and share responsibilities, housework and bills. 
One thing that really annoys me today about education is they don’t teach you any basic LIFE skills. Maths, english and science is all well & good, but what about all the other things you need to know when going into adulthood, e.g. how to apply for a mortgage, ways to help you save money for bills and utilities. I thought i’d give you an insight into the things they DON’T tell you when you are moving out for the first time. 

  • Money really doesn’t grow on trees. Rent/Mortgage and bills all need to be paid for, but those little nick nacks that you see in the Next catalogue or whilst perusing the shelves in Oliver Bonas also add up! I had these wild dreams when I was getting ready to move out, that my home would instantly look pinterest worthy, but that isn’t the case.
  • Food shopping is hard work! I never realised how hard my Mum had it, trying to come up with different meals every week to keep us kids interested, keep on top of foods that were running out or coming up to their use-by date. It’s bloody hard work. I think when we first moved out, we had pasta bake about three times a week for almost 6 months. Shopping lists are key. Also make a note on your fridge or a chalkboard of products/foods that are ready to run out. I can’t tell you how many times we ran out of loo roll and forgot to pick more up. & that aint’ ever pretty. 
  • Your fridge isn’t going to fill itself. Going hand in hand with shopping. If you don’t buy it, it isn’t going to be in the fridge or cupboard. It’s no good going backwards and forwards to the fridge hoping that some chocolate will magically appear. You want it, you buy it.
  • House parties are not the one. As soon as we moved out all we got from our friends was ‘when is the housewarming?!’ We made the mistake of having quite a few people round to our first rented flat and never again. It’s all well and good until you wake up the next day with the mother of all hangovers, and your kitchen & living room is covered in empty cups/bottles and bits of food crumbled into your sofa & carpets. Nah mate. Never again.
  • Bin day is always a good day. There is nothing worse than needing to empty your kitchen bin but there being no room in your big outside bin. I never thought i’d appreciate the bin men so much.
  • Washing/ironing/putting away clothes is THEE worst job in the world. It takes so much effort and going up & down the stairs numerous times. Bleurghhh. It’s really hard to get into a routine of washing clothes. I’d do about three white washes and then realise I have no clean jeans or towels. Do one white, one dark and one towels/bedding wash a week, or as often as you need. Just make sure you do them an equal amount of times. 
  • When your parents invite you for tea you could cry with happiness. There is nothing better than my Momma’s cooking. 
  • Your house, your rules. There’s no one to tell you to tidy up or make your bed. It’s all yours to make as clean or as messy as you like. Sometimes I forget that I own a house and it’s our responsibility to make sure that everything is working and in order.
  • Takeaways will become one of your major food groups. Don’t feel bad when you’re on a first name basis with the pizza delivery guy. It’s totally normal to live off pizza and Mcdonalds whilst you find your bearings. Unpacking and getting organised takes weeks so don’t put pressure on yourself to be the next Nigella. 
I hope some of these help you out and give you a little more insight when it comes to moving out for the first time. The most important thing though is to enjoy it. You’re finally in your own space to play around with and really get settled, it’s amazing. 
I’d love to know your top tips for moving out? What have you found to be the hardest thing about living alone? 

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