A Sick Girl’s Guide to Being Sick.

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I am officially sick! 
It started with a cold, then a sore throat and before I knew it I had aching muscles, feel sick, headache, tired and just feeling crap in general. I’m currently snuggled up with a blanket, lemsip and Pride & Prejudice on Netflix. It’s how I roll..
I thought i’d give you a nudge in the right direction, on little ways to hopefully make you feel better when you are ill.
1. Have a hot bath/shower. I always feel really achy and sore when i’m ill so having a bath or hot shower really soothes that and I start to feel a little more normal!
2. Get in your pajamas/comfies and do not get changed for anything! If you can’t lounge in your scruffs when you are ill, when can you?!
3. Stock up on your favourite snacks, whether that be chocolate, or your favourite drink. Make sure you are fully prepared with all your favourites.
4. Pamper yourself. Apply your favourite face mask and relax for a 10-15 minutes. Take deep breaths and un-wind. 
5. Chill the **** out. Whether that’s marathoning your favourite series, watching a film on Netflix that nobody has actually heard of, listening to music or reading a good book. Just take some time out to relax and have some ‘me time’.
6. Have a good night’s sleep! Nothing feels better than being well rested, have an early night and don’t set an alarm if you don’t need to. Just sleep it off.
7. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, whether that’s water, a hot drink or some juice. Just stay hydrated!
These are little tips that are helping me feel and look a little more human, rather than something out of The Walking Dead.
I’d love to know your tips for making yourself feel a little bit better when your head is hanging out your ass 🙂 

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