If you read my haircare post here, you will know that I am a complete slut when it comes to shampoo/conditioner, well it gets even worse. I’m also a skincare slut. Yes, that’s right. I’m a double whammy slut. Hey, we can’t win em’ all. 
I’ve been suffering with my skin for a while now, I don’t get blackheads, just those red, angry giant suckers that won’t f*** off, I also have an oily chin, which aint’ pretty. I ran out of my precious Liz Earle Cleanser which is never a good day, and I needed to pick something asap, so I “nipped” to Boots, who ever nips to Boots? No girl ever, that’s who. That’s when I noticed these bargain-ess gems!
Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil-Free Cream Wash 150ml // Link // £3.15
Honestly, the best budget face wash i’ve ever used! I use this every morning and on the evenings when I have a shower. It has a really nice smell and the consistency is lovely, not too thick but still creamy. I use it mainly on my chin, around my nose and forehead and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft. It doesn’t dry it out at all and my skin always has a nice, clean & fresh feel. 
The packaging is pretty basic, and cheap but what do people want for £3.15, seriously? It does the job!
Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin 200ml // Link // £3.15
I spotted this next to the cleanser and thought it was worth giving a go! This is used to gently cleanse the skin but effectively remove everyday build-up of oil, grease and dirt. As sick as it sounds, I really enjoy after i’ve taken my makeup off, and I go over my face with this toner and I can see all the crap come off on the cotton pad, it’s sickly satisfying. Just me?? 
One word of warning with this, do NOT put it too close to your eyes, it makes them water like a bitch! However, it makes your face feel funky fresh and so clean. It can also (on my skin anyway) be quite drying. So be sure to follow it up with a moisturiser! 
The packaging on this is again, you get what you pay for, it’s cheap and does the job. I will tell ya though’, the lid can sometimes be a right bugger to open! You need to get your nail right under the lid and pull. I always have a fear of my nail flinging off with the lid..worst case scenario obviously!
I would honestly recommend these products to anyone! They are such good value for money, I can’t believe how cheap they are!
What is your current go-to skincare? Have you tried Clean & Clear? 

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