I am a binge watcher. On my days off I love nothing more than staying in my pj’s, getting cosy on the sofa with my blanket and watching my favourite tv shows back to back, mainly on Netflix. Some that I have watched thousands of times before, and others that I am currently watching and trying my hardest to catch up on! 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S  – Holy hell. I have watched every episode of the series, at least 5 times. Easily. Some i’ve seen even more than that! The whole Rachel and Ross drama never gets old. ‘I didn’t get on the plane’ WAHHHHH!

Grey’s Anatomy  – I’d heard about this series for so long and watched a few episodes on tv when it was first released, but eventually forgot about it. HOW?! How did I forget about this series?! It’s so addictive, dramatic and just..YES. I’m currently on season 5 and obsessed. I don’t think i’ve ever cried so much over a tv programme!

Once Upon A Time  – This is my dream tv series. Disney films with a slightly dark twist..how could you not love it?! The disney obsessive in me fangirls every time a new character is added..here’s looking at you Belle! Also..Captain Hook..hubba hubba.. 

House – This is one of the funniest series i’ve watched. Hugh Laurie is just hilarious..and I have a slightly strange crush on him..he got the older guy thang’ down!

One Tree Hill – Nayley.. that’s all i’m going to say. This series never gets old. 

Sex And The City – I remember my older sister watching this on TV years ago and I was always obsessed. They were glamorous and gorgeous. As I grew up I realised they were just kinda’ slutty. In a good way. I love all the girls and each of their personalities. It is my dream to live in NYC, sipping cosmo’s with my best girl friends.

Footballers Wives – This is one for all my British readers..I think. I’m not sure this was ever a thing anywhere else.. It was so bad it was brilliant. So much drama shoved into one tv series. I always watch this if I need some easy watching and Lol’s. 


  1. September 12, 2015 / 7:16 am

    I've just started Once Upon a Time and I'm obsessed already!
    Gold Dust

  2. September 15, 2015 / 9:07 am

    I used to be obsessed with OTH! I've watched every episode up to season 8. After that it got a bit boring. It seemed like they were struggling to find a stable storyline and the characters bring perenially sad got to me.
    Girl in a Whimsical Land

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