A Fresh Start | Joining Slimming World.

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On Tuesday I attended my first Slimming World class. It is safe to say that I was dreading it. Since moving out of my family home and moving in with Aaron my diet has been dreadful. We’ve pretty much lived off junk food and takeaways. We knew it wasn’t good for us but couldn’t seem to kick the habit. 
I always use to say ‘oh, we’ll start on Monday’ as everyone does, but by wednesday I had caved and jumped back on the fast food wagon. I’m not huge in weight and you wouldn’t look at me and think I was overweight but I carry all my weight on my stomach and thighs. Places where I can hide it and only I can see it.
I was always quite, so thought I could get away with eating what I wanted, which for a time I could but it soon creeps up on you and it was too late. The fact that I knew I hadn’t piled loads of weight on, stopped my worrying so much. Just one more takeaway. one more Mcdonalds. It wouldn’t make much difference. I had the complete wrong mindset. 
I went on holiday in November last year, and as I was getting dressed for the evening, I looked in the mirror and cried. I hated my body and the way it made me feel. I felt huge and horrible. My belly is bloated and my thighs are chunky. I didn’t like what I saw. That is when I knew enough was enough.
I was going to enjoy my Christmas and eat however I wanted, not any more than I already was, but I also knew that if I tried starting to change my lifestyle over Christmas it would be ten times harder. I’m trying but i’m not a saint..jeez! 
January was also a month for birthdays in our families so it was filled with buffets and cake, it was also the month to eat any chocolates that you got bought for Christmas or had lying around leftover from December. 
On February 3rd I joined Slimming World with my Mum. It is safe to say that I was DREADING stepping on those scales. I haven’t weighed myself since moving out, firstly because I didn’t want to see how much my weight had changed and secondly because we haven’t got around to buying any scales to weigh  ourselves on. I felt like if I didn’t see the damage then it wasn’t happening. Clever huh? No, really not.
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I’ll say now that I was pleasantly surprised when I first stepped on the scales and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Our consultant, Ian wrote down my height and weight in my Personal Progress Record. He also asked what my target weight was, which I honestly hadn’t thought about. I just knew I wanted to change my habits and look after my body better, 
My main aim of joining Slimming World wasn’t to lose a lot of weight, but to stay motivated and on the right track. I knew that if I tried doing it off my own back I wouldn’t last two days, but I knew that if I had to go back every week and weight myself weekly, I would be more likely to stick to it. 
I also knew the pressure of having my ‘lost or gained’ weight out to the group would make me more determined to do well. I don’t know if that’s a good or  bad thing, but whatever keeps me motivated works for me. 
On your first meeting, you are given a welcome pack with all the information in, your record book, recipe ideas, fitness ideas and all about the Slimming World groups. You also sit in on your first group where peoples losses or gains are read out, and what recipes they’ve tried this week or what they have done differently. I really like my group so far, they seem really supportive and make the group fun. 
I think i’ll do a separate post next week on how i’ve done in my first week and different recipes i’ve made. So far i’m on day five and have stuck to it really well! I’m feeling really proud of myself.
Let me know if you like this kind of post? Have you tried Slimming World? How did you find it?


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