Happy New Year! 
I can’t believe that 2014 is over, and we have welcomed in 2015. There is something about a new year that I love. It really is the perfect reason for a fresh start. 2014 has had it’s major ups and some serious down moments, losing Aarons mum being the worst. Still 9 months later, it hasn’t sunk it. 
The ups however, have been the best! I’ve travelled to new places, tried new things and met new people, something I was determined to get out of 2014. 
Myself and Aaron bought a house in August, which has been the best thing we’ve ever done! It was in need of some serious renovation and is still a working progress but i’m really enjoying seeing the changes we have made, and putting our own stamp on our own house. I feel so grown up!
Gus. Gus is our baby. He is our gorgeous tabby kitten that we brought home in November. He is almost 4 months old now and I love him. He’s playful and cheeky and brilliant. I just want to squish his little pea head!! I wouldn’t though..that would be mean. Don’t panic.

2014 hasn’t been my best year for being healthy. Since moving out, we haven’t always eaten the best and i’m pretty damn lazy so exercise was a no go. I did however manage to walk/jog/run the Manchester 10K which is honestly one of my greatest accomplishments!! I did ache for about 2 months afterwards but it was for a great cause, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
2015 is my year to get off my ass, get in the kitchen and get to the gym! I’m sick of hating myself for eating shit and spending my whole day watching House on Netflix. Maybe just 3-4 episodes a night from now on…5-6 at a push 😉 Hugh Laurie..Swoon.
 I’m determined to cook fresh everyday, make better choices and get my ass to the gym. My goal is to get to the gym atleast 2 times a week!
Meat-free mondays are also becoming a thing, before TRYING to make it a more regular occurrence. Emphasis on the word TRYING. For a complete meat lover it’s going to be hard, but it’s something i’m determined to try. 

Blogging in 2014 has..had its moments. I’ve loved it and resented it at the same time. It’s had me doubt myself and make me compare myself to others, not in a good way. I read other peoples blogs and I feel like everything i’m doing is wrong. My photos aren’t good enough, my writing isn’t good enough, my whole blog isn’t good enough. 
I’ve had some amazing moments thanks to blogging, being invited to amazing events, working with great brands and meeting amazing people. Then I feel like it all comes crashing down and i’ll go weeks without writing anything, because I felt like everything I was going to write, would be shit and judged. 
I’m determined that in 2015 i’m going to remember why I started blogging in the first place. For me. For writing down memories and sharing the things I love with whoever cares enough to read them. Whether that’s just myself or 100 people. I didn’t start my blog for the numbers, and it’s time I remembered that. 
I have lots of things planned for my blog. New exciting posts and a schedule that i’m hopefully going to stick too,,fingers crossed. 
I hope you guys have had an amazing Christmas and celebrated the New Year is the way you wanted. I also hope 2015 is your greatest year yet.
2014 was sad, and amazing all at once. I’m just hoping 2015 is less sad, and even more amazing!

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  1. I feel the exact same about you with blogging- with so many amazing bloggers with amazing content its all too easy to feel inadequate. Its the person behind the blog that makes it special though- the voice that comes through. I want to work on making my blog more unique in 2015. All the best for this year lovely xxx

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