Best of 2013: Bloggers

 I love nothing more than catching up with my favourite bloggers and their goings on. I stalk them through twitter and especially instagram, and as soon as I see a new blog post has gone up I get a little bit too excited…
The following are my bloglovin’ favourites!
Bonjour Luce is one of my latest blogging discoveries, but I instantly fell in love. Her gorgeous pictures and make up looks, make me seriously envious. Luce gives amazingly clear reviews on all different kinds of products, hair, makeup and skincare. Everything she reviews, I instantly want. 
What Olivia Did is a blog i’ve been following for a while and i’m obsessed. She has the most amazing wardrobe and the locations where she takes her pictures are just…oof…incredible. So jealous. 
Mariannan has the most lust worthy house ever. So simple yet stunning, her pictures are crystal clear and she has some serious fashion sense. She has recently travelled to New York and i’m not jealous, at all…not one little bit.
Nouvelle Daily & Gh0st Parties are two of my favourite blogs. Kate is incredible, running her blog, a youtube channel and an online magazine and fitting in everyday life! How?! I bow down to you.
I’d definitely recommend checking out these guys, from amazing beauty bloggers to lifestyle posts. There is something for everyone!

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  1. i really love these posts!i follow all of the above bloggers!think i shall have to consider doing post like this as there are so many great bloggers out there!!im now following your awesome blog girlie:)xx

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