21st Birthday Wishlist #1

Beautysets - 21st Birthday Wishlist

Ola Amigos.
On June 12th 2013, I will have graced the planet for 21 years! You lucky lucky people. Jokes.
I’ve pretty much been counting down to my 21st birthday since my 18th. After the whole  ‘woohoo i’m finally 18, I can legally drink’ thing kinda got old, I started to look forward to my 21st! Ever since my big sister turned 21, and had the whole big party, dj, food, family & friends, I knew I wanted that too. 
I hate being the centre of attention, but I knew i’d regret it if I didn’t go all out and plan the party of the decade!! No clearly it won’t be, but it’s going to be one hell of a bash.
It’s only recently that i’ve gone into deep meaningful thought about what I want for my birthday, and i’ve gone i-pad CRAZY. I have an i-phone 4s, oh yeah like only the cool kids have! So when Aaron asked me what I wanted to help celebrate my day of birth, I decided I need to jump on the i-pad bandwagon. A white i-pad mini to be exact. Oh gorgeousness. So sleek and nifty. I will go cray cray if I don’t open this on my birthday and will not be held accountable for my actions. I’ve left so many not so subtle hints for him to find. Oh hello Amazon website, with the webpage open on the EXACT i-pad I want. 
I like to be prepared. 
I will own the 10 hour flight to Mexico with this gadget in my life. 
Of course with a new gadget, you need new accessories. Ted Baker case you are too pretty and would like you in my life. 
Wireless keyboard, because you look cool and will be handy for blogging more on the go. Productive as well as pretty looking.
Mum & Dad, a Michael Kors watch will go down extremely nicely and look so damn good on my wrist. 
Other than that…
There’s nothing else I really WANT, i’m super excited for my birthday and my party. Just over 7 weeks! The countdown has begun.

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  1. haha lovely wishlist. i Pad would be lush, your only 21 once and think how you can blog on the go. Micheal kors watch will always be out of my price range, but love that rose gold. xx

  2. Loving the michael kors watch!!

  3. looks very similar to my birthday wishlist, great minds think alike 🙂

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