Ways To Keep In Touch!

After finding out yesterday that Google, as of July, are shutting down Google Reader; The whole blogging world has gone into meltdown. I have had a bloglovin’ account for a good few months now, but never really bothered with it. Always opting to read blogs through blogspot. Now, however with Google Reader shutting down, people are wondering..what about GFC? I know I follow a-lot of my blogs through GFC! 
Last night however, I followed all my blogs that I love ever so dearly, through bloglovin’ it is SO easy to do and only takes 2 minutes.
I thought I would write a post on where you guys can find me & my blog! Via twitter, instagram or pinterest!
Wherever you like 🙂 You can follow via those platforms here:
Twitter: @Rchi_B
Instagram: Rachael_CB

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