Natural Collection Lipstick: Pink Mallow

I mentioned in my Scotland Haul post, I picked up a lipstick from the Natural Collection at Boots. At the bargain price of £1.99, I wasn’t expecting a great deal, but you can’t really grumble at the price. The colour is perfect for an everyday look, when you don’t want a bright, stand out lip.
I picked up the shade ‘Pink Mallow’ as it is a lovely pink rose colour, not too dark and not too light. It’s not far off your natural lip colour, it just adds a subtle dusty pink shine.
Natural Collection describes this lipstick as a ‘moisture shine lipstick’. It is so easy to apply and just glides on to your lips, however it does tend to cling to the dry areas, so I would recommend applying this after using some sort of exfoliating lip scrub.
The packaging is simple, it does look sort of ‘cheap’ is. What do you expect for £1.99?!
The colour lasts for about 4 hours, which I think is a reasonable length of time for such a cheap product.
Unfortunately Natural Collection isn’t available online, so if you are after anything from the collection, you’d have to go in the shop. Which can be a bit of a pain if you find it easier/prefer to shop online. I am always in Boots anyway, (obviously, I can’t stay away from the damn place!) I prefer to swatch colours before I commit to buying a any sort of make up product.

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