Rimmels Lasting Finish “1000 Kisses”: Review

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Hey Guys!
So I purchased this product before I went on holiday, mainly because I wanted a lip product that I could apply once, and that would last through-out the night πŸ™‚
I had heard alot about the lip stains and many had rave reviews, so I went to boots in search of the perfect one. The Rimmel lip tint stood out from the rest, as I had had Rimmel products in the past and never had any problems, also it was on a half price offer and who doesn’t love a bargain?! I know I certainly do!
I picked up the shade ‘120 Timeless Tango’ a lovely berry red colour! I wore the product just before I went on holiday, and it is so good! I applied it for a meal out with Aaron and when I got home, It looked exactly the same as when I had first put it on.
You apply the colour first, to clean lips and when the colour is apply the balm to add moisture & shine πŸ™‚
I would definetly reccomend this product and would love to hear what your favourite lip products are, as I always love to add to my collection!
How the colour applies to my lips.
Lip Pen.
Moisturising Balm.
Hope you’re all enjoying your thursday & don’t worry, It will soon be weekend!

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