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Autumn/Winter for me is all about berry coloured lips. During the summer months, I store my berry lipsticks away, and opt for more pinky, nude, coral colours. Where as I am very much a summer baby, I am all for berry lips and look forward to the colder months, when I can wear them again. 
 I feel that with my pale skin tone and brunette hair, berry colours really suit me.
I bought this YSL lipstick in Duty Free, same as with my other YSL lipstick, as I feel the price tag is quite hefty, so any excuse to take advantage of the fact that I can save some money! They retail at £23.50, although at Duty Free I think I picked mine up for about £20.80. Don’t quote me on that!
As soon as I swatched this colour, I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect pink, berry colour. Oh, just a word of warning.. When swatching these lipsticks at the counter, be prepared to not be able to get them off! No matter how much I wiped or rubbed the colour, it didn’t budge. I take this as a good thing, just don’t go swatch crazy 😉
The formula is amazingly soft and creamy, and really hydrates my lips. My lips have been quite dry the past few weeks with the weather constantly changing, as when applying this lipstick i’ve noticed it hasn’t clung to any dry patches at all!
 The pigmentation is incredible with a medium to high coverage, I personally prefer quite a high coverage when it comes to berry lips. What I love most is the colour really lasts all day! Whether i’ve been out for lunch, or drinks, the colour really lasts and stains your lips. 
I’m a complete sucker for the YSL lipstick packaging, it’s just so glamorous and fancy. YES, i’m one of those people that can ‘occasionally’ be drawn to a product through their packaging….. okay, all the time! Who am I tryna kid..?! I just love it. The YSL logo on the lipstick is just a bonus!!
At £23.50, they are expensive, but for £20? They are definitely worth it. I am going to the airport again in exactly a week, so I may just pick up another one.
I’m off to Paris next Monday, and this will be my go to colour, both during the day and night. 
I’d love to know what you guys think of YSL lipsticks? Which shades do you love?!

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