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The first 12 months of motherhood is rough, especially with your first baby because you have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening. It’s all a guessing game – what does the baby want? Am I doing the right thing? I thought I would share my top new mum tips, along with the help of lots of other mums who have shared their best pieces of advice & mantras they lived by in the early days.


1. No stage lasts forever. The newborn days, the clusterfeeding, the up all night.. in the grand scheme of things it is all over in the blink of an eye and I know it feels like it at the time, but it will not be like this forever.

2. Take advice with a pinch of salt trust your own instincts tomorrow is a new day enjoy each and every one. – Mummy’s Diary

3. Enjoy the newborn bubble! – Cosmo Mum

4. Your job as a parent is easy. As long as your baby is fed, warm & loved you are absolutely smashing it! Anything else is a lovely little bonus. Cut yourself some slack & be kind to yourself.

5. Enjoy them not answering back!! – The Family Ticket

6. Don’t be afraid to turn people away or ask for help. I felt so overwhelmed the early days with a swarm of visitors. I didn’t want to entertain, I wanted to sleep! – Mighty Mama Bear

7. When your midwife/health visitor mentions your pelvic floor exercises. LISTEN. I thought it was all a myth until I pissed myself at a trampoline park within about 5 seconds of jumping. Not my finest moment.

8. Take it easy, especially in the very early days. If nobody gets dressed, you survive on takeaways & just snuggle all day – that is fine! Stay home & recuperate. The outside world isn’t going anywhere.

9. Don’t worry about a routine. Try to go with the flow. Strict schedules can stress you out way more than help you. – The Mummy Bubble

10. Make sure your changing bag is always packed and ready. Double check it the night before for nappies, wipes & clean clothes. The last thing you want is to be rushing around in a morning trying to sort out yourself, the kids and changing bag. Be your future self’s friend.

11. Comfort is key. For both you & baby but make sure along with your baby being in snuggly baby grows you are also wearing clothes you feel comfortable in – leggings & cosy jumpers were my go to!

12. Google will become your best friend – the amount of things I googled was unreal and ‘should poo be that colour?!’ was most definitely a search term I used! I think it’s important to remember that all babies are different. My friends baby slept all the time, my newborn didn’t! It can be tough at times and you will feel exhausted but it does get easier and those early days go by so quickly so cherish the moments. Remember you are doing an incredible job – My Balancing Act

13. Enjoy those cuddles and don’t listen to anyone who says you’ll spoil them… never happens! – Emma Reed

14. Baby grows with a zip instead of poppers? GAME CHANGER. Especially during the night time changes.

15. Not everyone’s advice will suit your situation, don’t worry if it doesn’t and think that something is wrong or you’re doing something wrong. Also don’t be scared to turn visitors down. I wish I had. This is your newborn bubble time, enjoy it! – Living With Peas

16. Have a basket/caddy of baby essentials both upstairs & downstairs – I have a blog post all about what is in ours but anything that saves you making ten trips a day up and down the stairs is a winner in my eyes!

17. Be kind to yourself. Giving birth is something that women are built for but it is also one of if not the most traumatic events we experience physically – you should expect that both your physical and mental health might need time to recover and that is perfectly normal. – Mummy & Moose

18. Do not expect to know much at all about parenting if you are new to it. You would not expect that of yourself in any other area of life. Seek support, admit when you do not know something or are unsure, tap into mum networks. Get out of the house as often as you can as Vitamin D is essential for your mental wellbeing even on the days when it feels a colossal effort to even open the door to the outside world. If asking for help is tough for you, do it in writing if necessary as sometimes this is easier for you and gives people time to digest what you are actually saying and asking for. – Kate On Thin Ice

19. My top tip for stained baby clothes is to put them outside or on a window sill IN the sun & it completely gets rid of them. My sister told me this tip when Teddy was a newborn and I’ve done it ever since.

20. Slow cookers will be your best friend! Chuck in your ingredients, turn it on & you are good to go. Teddy used to have a witching hour at around 5pm where he would only settle if he was being rocked stood up which was fine, but with baby number two I will now have a toddler to sort out too so utilising my slow cooker will be essential.

21. The world can wait! Forget housework, visitors, getting dressed and just get to know this little person that you’ve brought into the world. There’s so much pressure on us to bounce back and get back to ‘normal’ newsflash, nothing will ever be normal ever again! – Dirt. Diggers & Dinosaurs

22. My mantra was “This too shall pass” and it still is. Some days will be really hard but they will pass. – Me, Them & The Others.

23. Every baby has a bad night. Whether it is every day or once a week, nobody’s baby sleeps perfectly. As hard as it is & trust me, I know, don’t compare your baby’s sleep to others.

24. If someone you trust (like your mum/sister/friend) pops over and offers you the chance to have a nap/bath while they stay downstairs and hold baby, don’t be polite and always take the opportunity! First time round I was too polite and didn’t accept help where I should. Second time around I did, and it was much easier! – Boring Mother

25. Prep or buy meals in advance. Freezer meals that you can whip out whenever you need them because often you’ll just forget to eat. Those were a life saver in those beginning few months! – Glasgow With Kids

26. Set a time for you. Whether it’s taking 10 minutes upstairs, going for a long shower or getting outside for some fresh air. You are important and it is so easy to forget that.

27. Plan to take time out of your ‘normal’ prebaby life for a while. I had all sorts of expectations about what I’d still be able to do, but it proved difficult to impossible. I’d have been better off accepting that from the outside and not feeling I’d failed to achieve. – Nine To Three Thirty

28. You can do this, believe in your own instincts and don’t feel guilty if you need to sleep when dinner needs to be made. – The Halcyon Years

29. You are going to have bad days & that’s okay! You can’t be supermum 24/7. You’ll have days where the house is a mess, you haven’t gotten out of your pyjamas & the baby just won’t stop crying – but it’s fine & sometimes that’s just the way it is. It’s nothing you have or haven’t done!

30. Being a mum is NOT the most natural thing in the world for some people. Being a mum takes a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, leaky tits & melt downs.

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