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With my due date being only 3-ish weeks away, I am in full on nesting/organisational mode. Baby’s clothes are washed and folded away neatly in drawers, I know they aren’t going to end up staying that way but god loves a trier, and I have also organised our nappy storage caddy! I actually have two of these; one for downstairs and one next to my bed that should make the night feeds a little easier. It was my sister who originally brought these caddy’s to my attention but I know they have been seen since on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page! They are only £6.99 on Ebay, and the quality seems really good! They are made of felt and there are lots of storage compartments which makes it easy to find everything.

We did have two of the Ikea storage cubes when Teddy was a baby (we actually still use one of them downstairs for his nappies, wipes & bum cream) filled with all the essentials but found it too much of a faff trying to route through and find what we needed, where as these caddy’s are much more structured and easy to organise. I thought I would share the things that we have put in our nappy storage, both upstairs and downstairs!


nappy storage2 1
nappy storage6 1


Having some sort of storage downstairs for all your baby essentials is so important, for you! It saves you running up and downstairs, especially in those early post-partum weeks where just walking a short distance makes you feel like your insides are going to drop out at any given moment. It’s all about being your future selfs best friend! In our downstairs caddy we have –

nappy storage7


The baby has a couple of drawers in our room filled with clothes, bath products & nappies ect as that is where they will be sleeping for however long they fancy but rather than opening & shutting drawers in the middle of the night I thought it would be much easier to buy another caddy and have it right next to my bed.

  • Nappies in baby’s current size
  • Packet of wipes
  • Muslin cloth
  • Breast pads
  • maternity pads for post-partum bleeding
  • Bloom & Blossom Lip & Nip Soothing Balm*
  • Bloom & Blossom Baby Pillow Spray* – not because I think it will help baby sleep LOL, but because it smells really calming.
  • Snacks for Mama – any treats you love, they are like a little treat to reward yourself for surviving another wake up!
  • water bottle – refilled each night with water\juice ect. It’s thirsty work being up all night!

I hope you found this post useful & if you are pregnant, it has maybe given you some ideas! I’d love to know what your daily essentials are?


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  • Caitylis

    Love this post Rachael! I’ve been in two minds about getting some of these caddies but now I definitely will! Having structure in an orgainsier makes everything so much easier! Are you planning putting Teddy’s Nappys in the caddy too? Or something separate? Love Caitylis x x

    • FromRachaelClaire

      I’m so glad we decided to pick them up! I don’t think so, Teddy has a smaller fabric basket from Homesense for his nappies that we’ll continue to use. Just makes it easier when it comes to grabbing the right size! Haha xx

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