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I am a quite a few weeks into my third trimester now & we are finally on the home stretch, it is still surreal thinking that there will be another baby in our house next month. In this post I am going to be sharing my pregnancy essentials to help make your third trimester a little bit easier – some I used with my first pregnancy and others are new discoveries. This stage of pregnancy is almost, if not just as hard, as the first. You feel heavy, stretched to full capacity and more than ready to meet your baby!

If you have missed any of my previous pregnancy posts you can read all about my first trimester here and also an update on how I found the second trimester here.


Nursing Pillow

I’ve used a pillow this time around since the first trimester because my bump came on a lot quicker than it did with my first pregnancy. Last time I only had one of those quite small V shaped pillows, where as this time around I opted for a u-shaped, full body sized one and boy has it been a game changer. I can turn over in bed with ease, without having to think about moving my pregnancy pillow with me. It’s also hell-a comfy! I picked mine up on Amazon here for less than £20.

Birthing Ball

I have found the second and third trimester a lot harder this time around, especially when it comes to back, hip & even butt cheek pain! So the birthing ball has already made its way into the living room. Birthing balls help to relieve pelvic & back pain, whilst also helping baby get into the position for labour. I did try and use the ball in the beginning stages of my labour with Teddy but he was back to back, so being sat down made the contractions 100 x worse. I am hoping that won’t be the case with baby number two. 


Maternity/Nursing Bra*

During my second trimester I was very kindly sent a selection of nursing bras from Cake Maternity, a company who sell gorgeous bras, nightwear and clothing to accommodate you throughout pregnancy & motherhood. I knew I was planning to breastfeed again so I opted for two of their nursing bras and they are, hands down, the comfiest nursing bras I have ever worn! They offer incredible support, whilst also being amazingly soft. They offer the handy clips on the cups so you can also feed quickly & discreetly. 

Freya App

I downloaded this app after buying The Positive Birth Company’s digital hypnobirthing pack, which I am currently making my way through and really enjoying! The app is £2.99 – it works as a contraction or “surge” (if you prefer to use that term) timer and also as a virtual birth partner. She will coach you through each surge and help you relax in between with positive affirmations, calming visualisations and guided relaxation. The app has just been upgraded so it now works with Spotify! You can listen to your own music/playlists whilst also listening to the Freya app. 


I was prescribed iron tablets after my labour with Teddy, however I was told that they can…bung your back end up.. so I instead was recommended Spatone’s liquid iron from other mums! I have also been taking it throughout this pregnancy and I noticed a HUGE difference in my energy levels. Pregnant women can take two sachets a day, and I pour mine into a glass of orange juice (vitamin C helps your body absorb the iron quicker, little fact for you there). You can pick these up from a whole range of places; including Amazon & Boots (they usually have a 3 for 2 offer on)

Nipple Cream*

I didn’t need nipple cream last time until the baby had arrived but for those of you who don’t know, I am currently still breastfeeding Teddy and holy shit. It is PAINFUL. One of the first pregnancy symptoms I had was really sore and sensitive nipples, and that’s only gotten worse as my pregnancy has progressed! He only feeds once a day if that but there are times I have literally cried out in pain because it hurts that much. I have been using the Nessa Organics Nipple SOS and I am loving it so far! It is 100% plant based, fused with coconut and castor oils & there is no need to remove before feeding which is a god send as a breastfeeding mama, because it’s one less thing to remember. 

I’d love to know what you found useful during the last few weeks of your pregnancy?


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