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I was kindly sent a copy of Mine by Emily Merrill to review & be included in the blog tour hosted by Bookollective, which I am incredibly grateful for. This is Emily’s debut novel which I find unbelievable as it was just so bloody good. I can’t wait to see what she writes next! The book is set in York, which is like a home away from home to me so I LOVED it. I could picture the places described in the book & it’s made me even more excited for my visit to the city in January. 




“Avery and Luke are solid. The love they have is the envy of her friends. So when he joins her at university, she’s pretty sure that life can’t get much better. But something is changing and when Avery makes a new friend in the brilliant writer Beckett, she starts to see a new side to the man she loves. A side that scares her. As their relationship begins to spiral, she’s faced with a life-changing decision. Should she fight for her boyfriend? Or should she fight for herself?”


This book was so much more than I thought it would be, it dealt with such a hard topic including manipulation & abuse in a really natural and believable way, how the abuse started off ever so subtly with sly little digs & questioning the victim over silly things (“why did you play with your hair like that? You do that when you’re flirting” for example) which at times made it hard to read and I did have to put it down a few times to gather my thoughts. It really portrayed that even the most seemingly perfect relationships can have their secrets. 

I loved how this book didn’t just focus on the abusive relationship, which it did handle brilliantly, but it heavily focussed on the friendships and family dynamics of our main character. The relationships between the different friends were really well-developed and you instantly felt like they would all be friends in real life. 

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Avery is one of the best protagonist I have come across in a contemporary, she was so well-written and I instantly connected with her. your heart really hurt for her and the situation she was in. Her relationship with her best friend & also with Beckett (swoooon!) were my favourite bits to read.

This book is essentially about being your own hero. You are capable of saving yourself.

You can pick up your copy of Mine by Emily Merrill now in either paperback or downloaded to your kindle. 

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