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Can you believe we are in November already? I’m not sure if it’s the fact I spend my days running around after a toddler or the pregnancy, or possibly a combination of both but the past few months have flown by. Scarily fast. I know a lot of people do monthly favourites and I wish I had the dedication but I always seem to forget most months so I thought every so often (as & when I remember) I will share 5 things I am loving. I used to do this as part of a linky that myself & a fellow blogging friend started but life, toddlers & morning sickness kinda’ knocked that on its ass.


MY KINDLE // I have had a Kindle since the original one was first released and used it religiously, however after a few years I started neglecting it more in favour of always buying physical books which i’m not going to lie, I definitely still do. However, back in April I purchased the brand new kindle* and have fallen back in love with this wonderful piece of technology. I am a member of Amazon Prime & also have Kindle Unlimited which means I have a plethora of books to choose from, but what I absolutely love about kindle even without those memberships is the fact that you can buy SO many books for less than £1. The fact you can hold it in one hand is also a winner for me, especially with the fact that soon i’ll be having lots of newborn cuddles. *affiliate link

DUBLIN MURDERS// I’m not going to lie, we are six episodes in to the 8 part series, and I still have absolutely no idea what is going on or where the series is going but I am loving it! Every episode is an absolute mind-fuck but I need to know how it is going to finish. If you haven’t seen or heard about the show, it is a tv series on BBC One (Monday & Tuesday at 9pm), based on the Dublin Murders Squad book series by Tana French. It is a psychological crime thriller so I can’t say too much without spoiling it but it deals with murders, secrets, flashbacks and angst.

HALLOWEEN// We took Teddy trick or treating for the first time this year and he loved it, once he got the gist anyway. We took him with his cousins who basically showed him the ropes and the fact it is perfectly acceptable for one day of the year it is perfectly acceptable to knock on strangers doors and take sweets. His Halloween bucket was full to the brim with goodies, so lots for me to help take off his hands. As any good parent should. I already can’t wait to take him next year.

SPOTIFY// I’m not gonna lie, it has taken my up until about..three months ago to get onto the Spotify hype but bugger me, it is glorious. I pay for the premium membership which is £10 a month but I definitely make use of it. I love the fact you can be listening to a 2019 release one minute & a bop from the 90’s the next. I recently discovered that they also have some audiobooks available on there!

CHRISTMAS SHOPPING// I know, I know, I’ve said the C word but in my defence it is November now so it’s allowed. So far we have only shopped for Teddy but he is the main person we buy for so wanted to get his done 7 dusted this month. We picked up some lovely wooden toys from the Lidl toy event and also made use of amazon prime. Got to love the next day delivery. I only have one more thing to buy him and then he is all done. I am so excited to see his little fact! Especially now he has a slightly better understanding.

Those are the five things I am loving at the minute! I like to think there is quite a bit of variety in there. I’d love to know what you are loving this month?

Spread the love

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