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Now that the news is finally out about Baby C #2, I can finally write & share more updates! With my first pregnancy I documented pretty much everything from the get go & I don’t want this pregnancy to be any different. I am a few weeks away from the third trimester now so my plan is to do a general wrap up of the first & second and then as I get into the last stretch I will share fortnightly (ish) updates. But obviously kicking things off, here is an update all about my first trimester and good lord, what a ride it was..

I had about a week of utter bliss/bloody hell we’re having another baby, after finding out we were pregnant and then the shit really hit then fan. Oh boy. I honestly don’t think I ate more than a couple of slices of toast for about 8/9 weeks. I felt horrific. I spent the first three weeks determined I was bleeding, inspecting every piece of toilet paper after I had a wee. I never actually bled but your mind has this way of convincing you that you are.

The constant nausea and even the occasional vomiting episode started at about 6/7 weeks pregnant and by constant I really do mean constant. From the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep, and even that wasn’t easy to come by BECAUSE of constantly feeling like I was going to projectile vomit. The actual being sick part is one of the main things that has been different this pregnancy compared to my last & the nausea has been 100 times worse!

I think this is mainly due to the fact that, when you already have children, you have no time to wallow in self pity. You can’t just let yourself feel horrific, you have to wake up everyday and suck it up. I have news for ya, toddlers don’t give a shit that you’re growing a tiny human that is sucking everything good out of you like a bean sized dementor.

Something I found really nice about the first trimester this time around is that I didn’t feel quite so lonely & considering we kept it a secret until 20 weeks, you would think it would be heightened but I really enjoyed it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there were days at work where I just wanted to cry to someone about how fucking awful I felt but I think I enjoyed our little secret more.

Besides from the sickness I would say I found the exhaustion extremely difficult! It wasn’t like my pregnancy with Teddy where I could just nap when I wanted, I had to wait for Teddy to nap so I could join him, which I did pretty much every time. I found it hard to even leave the house because all I wanted to do was sleep, cry & vomit.

Before I knew it, it was time for our 12 week scan and this baby is definitely a LOT more awkward than their brother ever was. It spent the entire scan lay on its head so the sonographer struggled to get certain measurements. I went out for a walk three times & even downed a bottle of Lucozade, but that just made me need to pee, desperately. Eventually we got there but not without some changing positions and uncomfortable placements.

Other things that happened in the first 12 weeks: my nipples feel like very, very delicate pieces of glass that feel like they are going to shatter with the slightest touch. Let me tell you, when you are also breastfeeding a toddler who gives no fucks about your sore little nips (that are no longer very little WOW), it is painful. I also felt the need to pee every… 20 minutes or so and that hasn’t changed at all! One sip of a drink and I am busting.

I can honestly say, this first trimester kicked my ass but I am so bloody excited to meet you Baby. I still can’t believe Teddy is going to be a big brother!

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