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As parents we are the most caring and generous people on the planet- we’d sacrifice everything for our children, and our lives revolve around ensuring they are happy and healthy. It’s the natural order of things to put your children first when you become a parent, however, this doesn’t mean that you have to neglect yourself. It’s perfectly possible to make sure your own needs are met and you’re happy and healthy and still be an incredible parent! One thing that us mums especially can struggle with is our self esteem- having babies changes our appearance, and being the primary caregiver to our children means our time is often very limited. But there are some things you could consider doing if you need a bit of a boost. Here are some ideas!

Do some part time work

Taking on some part time work isn’t just good for your bank balance, it can also be good for yourself esteem. Knowing that you’re earning and bringing in some money for your family feels great, it prevents you from having large employment gaps on your CV and can be a positive thing all round. If your children are in school, taking a part time job within school hours means you won’t have to consider childcare. Alternatively, look into ways you can work from home in a completely flexible way. Blogging, freelancing, running a home business or working as a remote employee for a company are all ideas. Working from home gives you flexibility which is important as a working mum.

Invest in a new skill

Speaking of skills, building up a new skill is a fantastic way to increase your self esteem. As humans, we tend to be at our happiest when we’re learning new things, and investing time and effort into learning something new can benefit both you and your family. Perhaps you could learn to drive, go on a cookery course or look into online learning options? From there you can reach your ambitions, set new goals and it generally helps you to feel good about yourself. 

Start a new hobby

Sometimes we all just need a break- time away to do something fun and enjoyable and forget about our commitments for a while. A hobby is a great way to meet new people while building skills and giving yourself time to yourself. You could go walking, join an art or crafts group, start exercising, whatever it is that interests you. Even if you only get to indulge in your hobby every now and again, it gives you something to do the rare times you find yourself at a loose end. 

Pamper yourself

A little pampering can make such a difference to the way you feel. You could have an at- home spa day with nice bath oils, relaxing music, face and hair masks. Or you could book into an actual spa for mani pedis, massages and facials. You could book yourself a beauty treatment at a salon, something like laser hair removal is perfect for mums as it means you wont need to shave afterwards and will save you time in the long run. Have your hair done, your nails or lashes. Buy yourself a new outfit- you deserve it! An occasional treat is something we should all aim to give ourselves. 

Build a supportive network

Even the most confident and well adjusted people can have wobbles at times. And as a mum, chances are you question yourself constantly if you’re doing the right thing. We all get that parent guilt, and unfortunately you can’t escape it no matter what decisions you make. So having good friends and support to chat to who will build you up, spur you on and remind you that you’re doing a good job is so important. Remove negative and toxic people from your life, aim to meet new people who are genuine and you can support each other through life’s ups and downs. There are lots of forums, events and groups on sites like Facebook making it easy to meet other mums


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