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make your home more colourful


Those living in apartments may not be allowed to paint their homes, while those who own their homes may want to add color without taking on a major task like a painting. In either case, there are plenty of options that make it easy to add a pop of color to a room without having to completely change the color of the walls. Plus, making changes in the room other than painting the walls can mean it’s easier to change the colors or the feel of the room later. 


Add Colorful Furniture


Colorful furniture is a great way to add a pop of color and make a room feel more comfortable. Smaller furniture can make a huge difference in the overall look of the room. Tenants or homeowners can shop at Fombag and find a beanbag that adds seating plus makes the entire room look brighter and more colorful and avoid repainting issues.


Check Out Abstract Art


Abstract art is a great way to add to the room, and some pieces are inexpensive so they can easily be swapped out with another piece to change the look of the room quickly and easily. To make a big difference in how the room looks, try purchasing larger art for the walls. 


Use Rugs in the Room


Rugs make hardwood flooring feel cozier, help separate sections of a room, and can be used to add a little color. Choose the appropriate size rug for the room in the perfect colors for a fast way to add a lot of color to an otherwise bland room. Rugs can be one color to add a lot of a specific color to the room or can be multicolored to add a lot of different colors and really change the overall look of the room. To add more color to a room, choose a rug with brighter colors that stand out. 


Floral Arrangements or Plans


Live plants add to the overall look of the room and can add a lot more color to it. Choose a variety of plants to add a lot of green to the room or look for flowering plants to add a burst of color when the plant’s in bloom. Don’t want to worry about caring for a live plant? Try lifelike floral arrangements to have beautiful flowers in the room throughout the year. 


Use Colorful Curtains


Like adding a rug to a room, curtains can include patterns or a solid color. Try adding different colored curtains for a fun, unique look that really adds a lot of color to the room. Curtains can be easily switched out as well, making them an easy way to adjust the color in the room when desired. That also makes creating seasonal themes easier.


Add Wallpaper to Existing Furniture


While a tenant or homeowner might not want to put wallpaper on their walls, adding it to the inside of a bookshelf can provide the pop of color they’re looking for. Choose bright wallpaper or wallpaper with bright designs to really add to the overall look in the room.


Whether you don’t want to paint an entire room or you’re not allowed to paint an apartment, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a colorful, fun room you enjoy spending time in. Try out these tips to easily add color to the room and make it your own. 


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