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Most pregnant moms are in the enviable position of having a legion of people around them, ready to jump in and help them with their every need and whim. It’s a fortunate position to be in. But what do pregnant moms want help with the most from their friends? Let’s take a look.

Provide Regular Visits

The last few weeks of pregnancy can be a bit of a lonely experience. Work is over, and all that’s left to do is wait for the baby to arrive. It’s during these lonely days and weeks that new moms-to-be can be at their lowest ebb. What they need are friends who can regularly pop in and see them in the evenings and, if possible, during the day too.

Most moms find that the best way to boost their mood is to spend time with people they love and respect.

Help With Celebrations

Having a baby is a significant event, even if it something that millions of people do every day. When it’s YOUR baby, it matters – a lot. Moms, therefore, want friends who can help them celebrate a major milestone and achievement: having a baby.

There are all kinds of ways to help a new mom celebrate, from same day flower delivery to a baby shower. Just make sure that whatever celebration you choose, it’s something fitting for the occasion – after all, something magical has happened. A new life has come into the world.

Having Somebody To Chat To Over The Phone

Moms-to-be don’t need somebody to be there holding their hand every second of the day before they give birth, but it is nice to know that they’ve got a friend who is just a phone call away. Most moms want somebody who they know that they can call any time of day, should they run into difficulty. Preferably, it’s someone with experience who can talk to them about all of the ins-and-outs of giving birth, as well as the run-up and aftermath.

A Personal Assistant While Out And About

Pregnant moms have additional needs beyond those of the average person. Because of this, they’re often treated in a privileged way by other people automatically. Sometimes though, they need a little helping hand getting their needs across in crowded public spaces, which is where a helper can come in handy.

A helper, or assistant, is just somebody who can explain to other people in the queue why they need to nip in front of them, or why they need to be able to get on the next train carriage and can’t delay. Having a helper makes life so much easier when you’re with child.

A Planner And Scheduler

Being a mom can be a challenge, but many moms-to-be need a little extra planning and scheduling ahead of time to make life more comfortable once the baby arrives. The arrival of a new baby automatically puts a strain on the mother – and any other parent present – and means that some things, like prepping healthy meals, get put on the back burner. Eating well is essential during the first few months of parenthood to keep strength up, and so preparing a few meals ahead of time and putting them in the freezer is essential.

A friend can help a mom-to-be get some plastic tubs and prepare a bunch of meals that can be placed in the freezer and then taken out as and when they’re needed.

Somebody To Carry On Having Girly Fun With

Preparing for a new baby is a serious business, but that doesn’t mean that new moms can’t still have fun in their lives. In fact, this is something that they want most from the people around them. After all, once the baby arrives, there might not be much time to do the girly stuff.

Moms-to-be want to be taken out and pampered and reminded that there’s more to life than having a baby and they’re still a person worthy of luxury treatment. Great friends take mums-to-be out to spas and get their nails and hair done together, just like old times.

Someone Who Accompanies Her To The Doctors
Going to the doctors regularly is part and parcel of being pregnant. Doctors trips are essential to ensure that the pregnancy is progressing healthily for both mother and child. As a friend, you can be there to support the mother through what can be stressful and tiring experiences. Friends should help remind mothers-to-be why they’re taking so many trips to the hospital and that it will be all over soon.


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