Is your bathroom giving you more excuses to avoid it then tackle the peeling wallpaper and mouldy bath? Bathrooms should be a haven of relaxation, a place to sink into a warm deep tub and soak away the cares of the day. If your bathroom is giving you reasons to feel quite the opposite, it’s time to tackle it head on.

Banish the Bad

The very first thing you’re going to need to tackle is a mouldy bathtub. Besides being unsightly, mould can also lead to irritated skin and, in the worst case scenario, respiratory problems. This makes anyone in your house, particularly the elderly or very young, open to increased risk especially if they already suffer from something like asthma.

Get on the case with some industrial mould removing agents. Home remedies can also work and might include a bleach and water spray, mixed with a little vinegar. The next step is to banish the cause of the mould. Perhaps there’s inadequate ventilation in your bathroom or a constantly dripping tap. Excessive moisture is often the biggest culprit.

DécorIf you can’t live a moment longer with that peeling piece of wallpaper, now might be just the right time to give it a tug and get rid of that outdated monstrosity of bathroom decoration. Avoid too much repainting with the clean fresh look of wall panelling for bathrooms and transform the space with reclaimed scaffolding boards for shelves and a stylish new radiator. Just these three improvements alone will give you a whole new look but combine them with a new bathroom suite and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped into a luxury hotel.

Sure, you could keep your old towels and bath mats but when you’ve spent all that time, money and effort on a new bathroom why would you? Think too about any little touches that might give your bathroom a luxurious feel such as a wooden bathroom tallboy or extra wooden storage.

Often left till last, bathrooms are the forgotten room in the house. Get yours looking fit for a king or queen and you’ll be fighting off other members of the family to spend time in your new, luxurious tub and wrapped up in the warmest, softest towels.

Make sure that you tackle any mould that has made itself at home around taps, shower screens or bath sides and figure out what will stop it reoccurring. Trawl your favourite design sites and keep an open mind in terms of cost and styles. If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, think about shopping for bathroom suites on auction sites, such as eBay and keep your eyes open for a bargain. You might also find a one-off piece such as an antique radiator in places such as salvage yards or similar so head online to get the most for your money.

Then relax in your freshly designed bathroom and soak up the tranquil atmosphere, happy in the knowledge of a job well done.


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