It’s always a relief when spring rolls round and life becomes more expansive again. We can comfortably open windows, let in the fresh air, and start enjoying the outdoors once more. Unfortunately, the lovely extra sunshine shows up all the dust and dirt that’s accumulated over the winter months.

If you’re looking at streaky windows and dusty corners right now, you’ll be glad to hear that spring cleaning can be made easy. Here are some tips:


Clear Away the Clutter

It’s always easier to have a good clean when you’re not working around piles of possessions that ought to be tucked neatly away somewhere. So before you break out the buckets and mops, have a general tidy-up. One tip is not to try and do the whole house at once. Go room by room, or category by category.

Take the same approach if you’re getting the garden ready for summer use, by concentrating just on the garden. Furniture left outdoors over winter will want a good clean, and garden tools may need cleaning or oiling after lying unused for months.


Take a Methodical Approach

Working from the top down works well, whether you’re approaching an entire room or focusing on one task such as cleaning kitchen cabinets. Start by dusting light fixtures, sweep the feather duster around the upper corners of the room (fine cobwebs can be really hard to spot). Move on to paintwork, wiping a soapy cloth around the doors and doorframes.

Get the hoover out and run the crevice attachment over soft furnishings, remembering to get down in the nooks and crannies between cushions. Running a steam cleaner over sofas and chairs can kill any lingering bacteria and make them smell fresh again. Finally, move down to the carpets. If muddy feet have made them look a little grubby and stained over winter, you might decide to shampoo them. Moving your furniture temporarily into self storage near you will make the job a lot easier to complete.


Tackle Small Repair Jobs

From dripping taps to squeaking hinges, make a list of all the small things that need repairing around the house as you give everything a good cleanup. Replacing or mending things as soon as you can prevents them getting worse and being more costly to take care of in the future.


Sort Out Your Wardrobe

As you put away winter coats, boots, and thick woolly jumpers for the last time, consider moving them into a self storage unit instead of leaving them hanging in your wardrobe. You’d be surprised how much extra storage space you can find at home, and how much easier it is to keep everything neat, if you’re not giving houseroom to things you’re not using.

Have a good sort through your wardrobe. Wash seasonal clothes or get them dry-cleaned, replace any missing buttons and take care of drooping hems. Invest in a portable hanging rail and a few garment covers for favourite or valuable items of clothing, and things will stay fresh and safe until you need them again. Do this for everyone in the family and deciding what to wear each day is a lot easier as you don’t have to rifle through winter garments.

Taking positive steps to get ready for spring gives you energy and makes the house feel bigger and fresher. Once the jobs are done, you’ll be ready to welcome all the good things the new season has to offer.

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