We are avid caravaners (is that a word? It is now) and have been for a few years now. Technically I have been doing them since I was a really young child and always loved them but now I have dragged Aaron & Teddy into my caravan loving ways and we now do them as a family. I find caravans so cosy and in the future I would love to own one of my own!

We always book with Haven; the prices are amazingly reasonable, the sites we have visited are always clean & perfect for children. So far we have visited two sites in Wales, Greenacres & Hafan Y Mor and loved them both equally. Next month we are visiting Primrose Valley in Yorkshire & in May we are visiting Riviere Sands in Cornwall, both with Haven. I feel like I have the packing lists down when it comes to caravan holidays so I thought I would put together a list of all the essentials we pack to really enjoy our stay, make it a little home away from home.


  • Bin bags (we usually take two for a Monday-Friday break)
  • Tea towel, dish cloth, sponge, antibacterial spray & washing up liquid
  • Cooking oil, usually in a spray (fry light ect) so it won’t spill on the journey.
  • We usually do a food shop just after we check into our caravan, you can easily find the nearest supermarket on Google before you go. I know some sites even let you do a delivery straight to your caravan! The only thing we do take in advance is Teddy’s snacks & one of the small Robinson’s squeezy cordials.
  • Cups, bowls, plates & cutlery for toddlers/children. We always take Teddy’s from home as it is something familiar and we don’t want to risk anything getting knocked over and broken.
  • High Chair. We do actually hire one of these whilst we are away, for a small fee I think it is well worth it to save you the hassle & give you more space. Last time we went away with Haven they used the same Ikea highchair we have!
  • Condiments such as ketchup, brown sauce ect. Make sure you put these in a sandwich/carrier bag in case of any leaks.


  • Bath towels, hand towels (one for the bathroom & one for my hair after showering) & a bath mat if you want one, as they aren’t provided.
  • Toilet roll, we usually take a four pack.
  • Hand wash & the usual toiletries you’d use at home. We tend to decant Teddy’s bath wash & shampoo into those small 100ml travel bottles.
  • Bath seat if your little’s aren’t used to showers. We have been known to bath Teddy in the caravans kitchen sinks but he has a shower at home so is used to it.
  • Potty if you are toilet training.


  • A swimming towel each, extra if you are planning on going to the beach.
  • Swim nappies (if needed).
  • Armbands/floatation devices.
  • Carrier bag to put wet costumes in.
  • Rucksack to carry everything.


  • Travel cot. Same as with the high chair, you can hire these when you make your booking for a small fee!
  • We take Teddy his own bedding for his cot; including a fitted sheet, his pillow & duvet.
  • Sleep aid or comfort that your child may use to sleep. We take a couple of Teddy’s soft toys and his snuggliest blanket.


  • We tend to pack Teddy one outfit a day and a couple of pairs of pyjamas, but we do carry a few spare outfits just incase of any accidents or spillages. I mean, he’s a toddler so these things happen. If disaster strikes there are always laundrette services available on Haven sites that you can use!
  • Nappies. We usually buy a big pack with our shopping we get down there, they won’t be wasted so figure we might as well.
  • First aid kit. This includes Metanium (the best nappy cream to exist ever), Calpol/Ibuprofen, teething gels & powders, thermometer, antiseptic cream, plasters.
  • Entertainment; Ipad, Kindle, DVD player (if you haven’t already hired one) & we will also take Teddy’s kindle fire as it has more toddler friendly games & shows. Chargers for all the gadgets and also a camera!
  • A few toys & books, especially ones we know he enjoys at home. It’s important to keep a little bit of familiarity. This time around I have also picked up a colouring book, felt tips & reusable sticker books. These will keep him happy if we decide to eat out too.
  • Pram or carrier.

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