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If you know me or have followed my blog/Instagram for a while you will know that I am a huge lover of travelling and exploring new places. We have quite a few trips booked, both in this country and abroad, plus one very exciting trip booked for the beginning of next year. I know, I know. We like to plan ahead.

A lot of people ask how we afford & pay for our holidays. Firstly; rude. Secondly, we don’t do anything else. We don’t drink, smoke or go on wild nights out. Our bills are always paid on time, we have food in the house & Teddy never goes without, so what we chose to spend our spare money on, is travel. You don’t need to spend a fortune when booking a holiday or have crazy amounts of spending money, sometimes it is just nice to be away from home & the mundane. In 2018 I shared our travel plans & it was really well received so I thought I would share our plans for this year!



We actually booked this yesterday, pretty last minute as we go next month! Aaron found an amazing deal whilst browsing the Haven Holidays website, a caravan break Monday-Friday for £99! They were selling out amazingly fast (obviously) so we knew we couldn’t miss out & booked it. We couldn’t decide at first between a park we had already been to in Wales, or giving a new site in Yorkshire a go but I absolutely LOVE Yorkshire and have stayed there before in a cottage, so we decided to take Teddy somewhere new.

There are four parks in Yorkshire but after speaking to an advisor and asking for their recommendation regarding having a toddler, they highly recommended Primrose Valley! It has a huge indoor pool with a toddler friendly splash zone, lots of activities & it’s near the beach. Obviously the weather will be hit & miss with it being March but it will be nice to go for a walk along the beach regardless. The site is actually recommended in their “Breaks for under 5’s” section.


We booked this last year & i’ve been counting down the months! I haven’t been to Cornwall since I was a little girl but I’ve wanted to go back for as long as I can remember. We are staying, again, with Haven (we absolutely love booking with them if you couldn’t already tell) on their Riviere Sands site and it looks stunning!

It is situated overlooking St.Ives Bay, the restaurant looks out over the gorgeous beaches & i’m hoping with it being May, that we can thoroughly enjoy having them on our doorstep. Cornwall is about a seven hour drive from our house which is a fair hike with a toddler so we have decided to stop off half way in Bath (another place I have always wanted to go) overnight on the Sunday and then carry on our drive to arrive in Cornwall the next day. We have booked Monday-Friday again and with it being May, plus the location it worked out slightly more expensive but we paid £158 for the site (that includes your entertainment passes) & the hire of a high chair and travel cot. When we go to Yorkshire we will take these with us from home, but we don’t really want to take them all the way to Cornwall when you can hire them for a small fee.


9BRING ON THE SUNNNNN! We have had this booked for.. god knows how long. Since the middle of last year? and I can’t tell you how excited I am. We are going away with my mum, dad, sister, brother in law & their four children and I can’t bloody wait. I absolutely love going away with my family. The last time we all went on holiday together was to Cyprus for my Sister’s wedding & I was ten weeks pregnant! To think that this time I will have a 2.5 year old, is crazy!

We are staying at the H10 Mediterranean Village which my sister has stayed at before & loves! It looks incredible for children and I know Teddy is going to absolutely love it. We are going for 10 nights in September with Thomas Cook. Teddy will no longer be free due to being over 2, SOB, but I think we paid roughly £1,600 for all three of us. We booked well in advance and pay it off monthly, so it doesn’t work out much per month.


We are also going down to London at some point later this year to visit the Harry Potter Studios tour! Aaron bought me tickets for Christmas so we just need to pick a date and go. I have wanted to go for so long as I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. There is a 10/10 chance that I will cry. LOL. We have found a Premier Inn hotel not far from the studios for us to stay at, to help keep the costs down.

I can’t decide whether to take Teddy, (he has a ticket but he was free so no biggie) or blag my mum into having him overnight so I can really enjoy the experience!

Those are our travel plans for 2019 & I can’t wait. I’d love to know if you are going away this year? Is there somewhere you love to revisit?

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