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This past week or so I have noticed a huge dip in the temperature, it’s bloody freezing! We currently have our heating on constantly and sometimes it still feels cold. Having your heating on all day is not exactly cost effective, so I thought I would share some alternative ways to stay cosy this winter.


This is definitely not a cheap suggestion but it will definitely be more cost effective in the long run, and that is looking into triple glazing costs it is crazy how much of a difference it will make. Keeping the freezing cold temperatures out and locking the warmth in. My mum has huge French windows that used to let all the cold air in, surprised we didn’t freeze during the winter months! Luckily she got with the times and invested in good glazing.

Blankets. Blankets everywhere! I have a very vast collection of blankets, all very fleecy and thick. Perfect for these cold days! I have a selection in the living room, which come in so handy in the mornings with Teddy, whilst we wait for the heating to get going. I also love to snuggle with them in the evenings once Teddy has gone to bed, whilst reading my book or watching Netflix. Wrap myself up like a little burrito and get warm.

Dressing gowns are so underrated it’s not even funny! I have the fluffiest, softest dressing gown from Topshop that Aaron bought me a few years ago & I love it. It is over my dressing table chair, right next to my bed so I can put it on as soon as I wake up in the morning. Teddy’s is hung up on his little hooks in his bedroom so it is the first thing we grab in the morning. Both getting nice and snug in our dressing gowns, wrapped up in our blanket watching Cbeebies. Obviously.

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